4.11 Storage-Related Plug-Ins for iManager 2.7.6

The Clusters plug-in (ncsmgmt.npm) provides a BCC management interface when BCC is installed on the cluster you are managing. You must install the Clusters plug-in and the Storage Shared plug-in (storagemgmt.npm).

IMPORTANT:The Storage Shared plug-in module (storagemgmt.npm) contains common code required by all of the other storage-related plug-ins. Ensure that you install the storagemgmt.npm first before you install any of the others. If you use more than one of these plug-ins, you should install, update, or remove them all at the same time to ensure that the common code works for all plug-ins.

Other storage-related plug-ins are Novell Storage Services (NSS) Storage Management (nssmgmt.npm), Novell AFP (afpmgmt.npm), Novell CIFS (cifsmgmt.npm), Novell Distributed File Services (dfsmgmt.npm), and Novell Archive and Version Services (avmgmt.npm). NSS is required in order to use shared NSS pools as cluster resources. The other services are optional.

The plug-ins are delivered in the OES 11 SP1 ISO images. The plug-ins are also available as the Novell Storage Services Plug-in for iManager download file on the Novell Downloads Web site.

To install or upgrade the Clusters plug-in:

  1. If you upgraded from OES 2 SP3 and any of the storage-related plug-ins are already installed, uninstall all of them, including storagemgmt.npm.

  2. Copy the new .npm files into the iManager plug-ins location, manually overwriting the older version of the plug-in in the packages folder with the newer version of the plug-in.

  3. In iManager, install the Storage Shared plug-in first, then install the other storage-related plug-ins that you need.

  4. Restart Tomcat by entering the following command at a command prompt:

    rcnovell-tomcat7 restart