1.5 Key Concepts

The key concepts in this section can help you understand how Business Continuity Clustering manages your business continuity cluster.

1.5.1 Business Continuity Clusters

A cluster of two to four Novell Cluster Services clusters that are managed together by Business Continuity Clustering software. All nodes in every peer cluster are running the same operating system.

1.5.2 Cluster Resources

A cluster resource is a cluster-enabled shared disk that is configured for Novell Cluster Services. It is also BCC-enabled so that it can be migrated and failed over between nodes in different peer clusters.

1.5.3 Landing Zone

The landing zone is an eDirectory context in which the objects for the Virtual Server, the Cluster Pool, and the Cluster Volume are placed when they are created for the peer clusters. You specify the landing zone context when you configure the Identity Manager drivers for the business continuity cluster.

1.5.4 BCC Drivers for Identity Manager

Business Continuity Clustering requires a special Identity Manager driver that uses an Identity Vault to synchronize the cluster resource configuration information between the peer clusters. For information, see Section 6.0, Configuring the Identity Manager Drivers for BCC.