H.2 Preparing to Upgrade to BCC 2.0 on OES 11 SP1

Upgrading to BCC 2.0 for OES 11 SP1 assumes that you have previously installed BCC 1.2.2 on OES 2 SP3 in an existing business continuity cluster.

  1. For each node in every peer cluster, apply all patches for OES 2 SP3.

  2. For the Identity Manager node of each peer cluster:

    1. On the Identity Manager node in every peer cluster, save the BCC driver configuration information, then stop the BCC drivers.

    2. Stop ndsd by entering

      /etc/init.d/ndsd stop
    3. Upgrade to IDM 4.0.2 as described in Section G.0, Upgrading to Identity Manager 4.0.2.

    4. Apply all Identity Manager maintenance patches on the IDM node in each peer cluster.

    5. Start ndsd by entering

      /etc/init.d/ndsd start
    6. Do not restart or re-create the drivers at this time.

  3. For each peer cluster, perform a rolling cluster upgrade from OES 2 SP3 to OES 11 SP1 on each node of the cluster, and apply all patches.

    For information, see Upgrading Clusters from OES 2 SP3 to OES 11x in the OES 11 SP1: Novell Cluster Services 2.1 for Linux Administration Guide.