Fixed in
Update 5

bug_id short_desc
767593 Updates on Appointments do not get synchronized from devices to GroupWise
771068 Deleting Appointments from device do not work fine in some cases
773381 An exception occurs while synchronizing address books when Post Office or Domain has extended characters
794277 No attachment information sent to a device with Plain Text mail
761080 Devices continue to connect to Server without a Valid User
777942 Unable to create contact using Nexus device
787239 SyncEngine attachments should not get deleted till they have reached mobility
786226 Mobility Creates default certificates of Length 512 Bits for WebAdmin that causes Internet Explorer to not work with WebAdmin
782600 Some users added by group don't show up in the connector
776949 Unable to delete mails when a domain name has extended chars.
790352 Attached Mails With Subject that has 62 characters or more when forwarded as attachment do not reach Mobility
788709 Unable to edit posted appointments on iPhone - iOS6.x
778726 Authentication fails for some Android Devices and starts working when Mobility is restarted
771981 Appointment moved by a mobile device is not reflected in GW Calendar
777955 Editing Notes on iPhone ignores carriage return
795071 Device keeps on refreshing due to charset utf 8 issue
792526 Nokia Lumia fails to connect without security policy
776270 Attachments shows up as GroupWise Attachment Error for some emails
776789 Attachments shows up as GroupWise Attachment Error for some emails
774546 Problem retrieving folder list for 1 or 2 users brings down the whole system
780786 Updating the Server or Updating Mobility causes mobility database to get corrupted
782141 Device authenticating with the same password locks the user account
783822 EXCEPTIONS in LOG file when eDirectory does not allow to login because of Time Restrictions
764678 POA "State" is translated into POA "Province" in Dutch
778111 Marking a task completed triggers GroupWise to send a "declined" message