16.0 Documenting Projects

When you create a project, it’s vital to keep track of how the driver works and how it’s implemented into a network. The Document Generator helps you quickly generate customized documentation for your Designer projects. These documents can save you weeks or months of gathering and writing driver specifications and their implementations. To generate a document, choose a document style (it can be the default style that comes with Designer or one that you customize) and a Designer project or portion of a project. The Document feature combines the information and structure of the selected style with the project information in order to generate customized project documentation.

Designer comes with a default document style so you won’t have to create a document from scratch. This default style contains everything that you have placed in a project through Designer. You must first use this default style to create your own document style for the project you are working on, then you can either use it as it is or customize it to meet your particular needs, including or excluding information as needed. After you have edited the style to your liking, you can also use it to document your other projects. There is an advanced editing feature that allows you to create your own sections for adding information that you did not create in Designer.