A.0 Revision History

The following table lists changes made to the GroupWise SDK: Overview documentation:

Release Date


May 2013

Removed mention of the Trusted Application SDK. It has been deprecated. Use the GroupWise Administration console for your version of GroupWise to create a trusted application key.

November 2012

Reviewed and updated for use with GroupWise 2012.

March 2006

Added table of GroupWise components that support GroupWise 7 and later versions to Section 2.0, GroupWise SDK Components.

October 2005

Transitioned to revised Novell documentation standards.

February 2004

Removed information about unsupported components. For a list of unsupported GroupWise components, see the Unsupported page.

October 2003

Added information about Formativ.

September 2001

Added support for GroupWise 6.x.

June 2001

Made changes to improve document accessibility.

February 2001

Added statement about using the latest version when declaring objects to the beginning of GroupWise SDK Components.

September 2000

Alphabetized the table that provides a comparative list of GroupWise 5.x components, tools, and access methods.

July 1998

Documentation added to the Novell Developer Kit.