6.0 Using the iManager Widgets

iManager provides many reusable controls and other UI elements that you can use to create the UI for your plug-in. The UI elements, called widgets, include buttons, icons, and controls for selecting objects and modifying attribute values. The code defining these items is found in *_inc.jsp files, which are stored in subdirectories of the SDK_HOME/tomcat/webapps/nps/portal/modules/dev/skins/default/devices directory, by device.

In addition, the SDK_HOME/tomcat/webapps/nps/portal/modules/dev/javascripts directory contains libraries of useful JavaScript functions that you can utilize in JSPs.

The widgets and JavaScript libraries enable you to quickly create a UI that looks and works like the iManager base content.

We recommend that you study the iManager samples for ideas about how to use widgets and JavaScript functions.

This section covers the following topics: