Used to avoid name collisions during certain operations.

NDS Operational:Yes




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For help in understanding the attribute definition template, see Reading NDS Attribute Type Definitions.

This attribute is used internally by NDS. The DS_READ_ONLY_ATTR constraint restricts access to the NDS server. Obituaries provide a unique identification, other than the object name, that may be required in order to resolve certain functions.

In a distributed database, each server receives updated information through synchronization. Because the servers do not receive updates simultaneously, the server might not hold the same information at a given time. For this reason, each server holds on to the old information until all the other servers receive updates. NDS uses obituaries to keep track of such information.

For LDAP clients to access this attribute, the LDAP server must be configured to map the attribute to a name without spaces or colons. The LDAP server in NDS eDirectory supports the Octet String syntax.