Used By

Contains the new Distributed Reference Links that NetWare 5.x uses instead of back links.

NDS Operational:Yes




Used In


For help in understanding the attribute definition template, see Reading NDS Attribute Type Definitions.

Distributed Reference Links manage references throughout the NDS tree and are automatically maintained by NDS. These links identify a partition root, and that specified partition contains an object that references the object with the Used By attribute. The Path syntax contains three uint32 fields and a data field. The Used By attribute uses only the first two fields. The first field identifies whether the attribute points to a partition (0) or to a volume (1). The second field is the partition root ID.

For LDAP clients to access this attribute, the LDAP server must be configured to map the attribute to a name without spaces or colons. The LDAP server in NDS eDirectory supports the Path syntax.