Case Ignore String

Is used in attributes whose values are strings for which the case (upper or lower) is not significant when performing comparisons.

Syntax ID

#define SYN_CI_STRING 3


Directory String


API Data Structure

typedef pnstr8 CI_String_T;

Transfer Format

uint32     Length 
unicode   String

LDAP Format

UTF-8 encoded string

Matching Rules


For help in understanding the syntax definition template, see Reading Syntax Definitions.

Attributes using this syntax can set size limits.

Two case ignore strings match for equality when they are of the same length and their corresponding characters are identical in all respects except that of case. For example, as case ignore strings, “Dundee” and “DUNDEE” would be equal.

When comparing case ignore strings, the following spaces are not significant:

  • Leading spaces (precede the first printing character)

  • Trailing spaces (follow the last printing character)

  • Multiple consecutive internal spaces (equivalent to a single space character)

In matching attributes that conform to this syntax, eDirectory omits those spaces that are not significant (as defined above). eDirectory stores insignificant spaces with the attribute value.

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