Bindery Property

Emulates bindery properties that cannot be represented with other attribute types.

NDS Operational:Yes




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For help in understanding the attribute definition template, see Reading NDS Attribute Type Definitions.

In the bindery, properties of any name and data structure can be attached to objects. This is not the case with NDS. Bindery Property attributes hold the information stored in bindery properties through the bindery API and the Bindery Services.

Any object can have a bindery property through inheritance from Top, but only Users, Groups, Queues, Print Servers, Profiles, and Bindery Objects can be accessed through bindery service calls. Bindery Property attributes can only be added through bindery service calls. So even though it may be legal in the schema, in practice, no other objects will ever have bindery properties.

For LDAP clients to access this attribute, the LDAP server must be configured to map the attribute to a name without spaces or colons. The LDAP server in NDS eDirectory supports the Octet String syntax.