You can optimize the performance of Novell® DNS/DHCP Services software by using state-of-the-art servers. We highly recommend that you use a server with a 200 MHz (or higher) Pentium* processor with 64 MB of memory. If your network configuration is large, more memory might provide improved performance.

For optimum performance, the designated server should be the most powerful server available. The designated server is the only server in a given tree that performs Dynamic DNS updates and zone transfers of secondary zone information.

The I/O subsystem of the servers can also be an issue for server performance. If you use the DNS and DHCP functions of NetWare® 6, you will increase the number of eDirectoryTM objects and thereby increase the disk space requirements of your SYS: volume.

Because the DNS and DHCP servers cache the required eDirectory data from disk into system memory, access to this information is not slowed.