A.0 Using iSCSI Targets in a Cloud Storage Environment

You can use a cloud-based iSCSI target device as the secondary location for Novell Dynamic File Services pairs. Novell supports multiple cloud storage and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solution providers.

IMPORTANT:Refer to the third-party vendor documentation for detailed information about how to subscribe to and use cloud-based computing and storage resources.

This section provides one example of how to set up a Linux iSCSI Target server and storage devices in the cloud. The iSCSI target devices are connected to a Windows Server 2008 server running iSCSI Initiator software in your local network. After you attach the iSCSI devices to your local server, you can use them as the secondary storage location in a Dynamic File Services pair.

The example iSCSI target solution is based on the following components:

Use the following procedures to set up the cloud-based Linux iSCSI Target server and target devices: