Product Description

The Novell File Management Suite for Novell Open Enterprise Server is an integrated offering that provisions, relocates, optimizes, and reports on file storage based on user roles and customized business policies. The Novell File Management Suite helps customers manage the chaos of files and file systems in order to gain efficiencies, ensure compliance, and lower costs for their existing network and file storage infrastructure. The products in the suite are interoperable and complementary. Deploy the products independently, or deploy them in combination to take advantage of increased functionality and benefits.

Key Features

The Novell File Management Suite includes the following products:

  • Novell Dynamic Storage Technology in Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 SP2
    Novell Dynamic Storage Technology provides similar storage tiering capabilities as those in Novell Dynamic File Services, but it is built in to the Novell Open Enterprise Server platform. Dynamic Storage Technology is an information life-cycle management technology that uses a policy-based approach for relocating data between two paths. Dynamic Storage Technology provides two pair types to address your storage needs: standard pair and retention pair. The standard pair allows you to efficiently manage your storage across a pair of paths while giving users access to files on both. When users connect to a network share on the primary path, they see merged view of files. The retention pair allows you to keep active data on the primary path, and to move static data that might occasionally need to be accessed to a retention repository on the secondary path.

  • Novell File Reporter
    Novell File Reporter inventories network file systems and delivers the detailed file storage intelligence you need to optimize and secure your network for efficiency and compliance. Engineered for enterprise file system reporting, Novell File Reporter gathers data across the millions of files and folders scattered among the various network storage devices that make up your network. Flexible reporting and filtering options then present the exact findings you need so you can demonstrate compliance or take corrective action.

  • Novell Storage Manager
    Novell Storage Manager for eDirectory introduces management and structure to an unmanaged and unstructured Novell network storage system. In the process, it automates the full life-cycle management of user and group storage. Leveraging directory services (commonly referred to as “the directory”), Novell Storage Manager automates a comprehensive set of storage management tasks based on events, identity, and policies that reside in the directory.

File Description

Filename Usage
NFR_2_6_0.iso Installation components for Novell File Reporter
NFR_2_6_0.iso.md5 Checksum file
NSM-AD_4_0_2.iso Installation components for Novell Storage Manager for Active Directory
NSM-AD_4_0_2.iso.md5 Checksum file
NSM-eDir_4_0_0_1.iso Installation components for Novell Storage Manager for eDirectory
NSM-eDir_4_0_0_1.iso.md5 Checksum file

System Requirements and Installation Instructions

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Known Issues

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