Interoperable NameService Object URL Schemes

The ORB supports several URL schemes for naming objects. Please see the Interoperable Naming Service specification for complete details on the syntax.

URL Scheme Description
The string form of an IOR (IOR:<hex_octets>
The corbaloc URLs denotes objects that can be contacted by IIOP or resolve_initial_references. The default port for IIOP is 2809.

For example, corbaloc:iiop:godel:2506/NameService can be used to access the NameService running on host godel and port 2506.

The corbaname URL is similar to a corbaloc URL. However a corbaname URL also contains a stringified name that identifies a binding in a naming context.

For example, corbaloc:iiop:godel:2506#bank can be used to lookup the bank binding in the root naming context in the NameService running on host godel port 2506.

IIOP locates URL scheme. It uses IIOP LocateRequest messages to find an object with a given name.

For example, iioploc://godel:2506/ActivationSystem can be used to find the ActivationSystem object running inside the ORB Daemon. Note that the default port for the iioploc URL is 9999.

(deprecated - see corbaloc above)

IIOP COSNaming URL scheme. The address part of the URL is used to locate (using iioploc scheme above) the NameService, and then the NameService is used to resolve the given path to get the Object.

For example, iiopname://godel:2506/domainA/PrinterService can be used to find the PrinterService bound in the NameSpace at a relative path of /domainA/PrinterService from the root.

(deprecated - see corbaname above)

IIOP Boot Protocol URL scheme. This is similar to iioploc above but instead of using IIOP LocateRequest, it uses IIOP Request with a special key.

This URL scheme is used for interoperability with a number of existing ORBs like the JDK Java IDL.

Specifies the file containing a URL/IOR
Specifies the file containing a URL/IOR that is accessible via the FTP protocol
Specifies an HTTP URL that returns an object URL/IOR

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