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Appendix A   Creating ODBC Data Sources

Certain databases must be set up as ODBC data sources. The following example shows you how to set up an ODBC data source for a Sybase Adaptive Server 6 database.

NOTE   When you install SilverStream, ODBC data sources are defined for you automatically for the SilverMaster (if needed) and the sample applications.

Creating an ODBC data source (Windows only)   Top of page

To create an ODBC data source:

  1. Choose Settings from the Start menu.

  2. Select Control Panel.

  3. Select the ODBC icon.

  4. Set up a System DSN so that everyone on the system can have access. Only the machine running the SilverStream Server requires the database client software. Use the System DSN tab as shown in the following screen.

  5. Choose Add.

    The Create New Data Source window displays.

  6. Choose the appropriate driver. The rest of this example uses Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 6.

  7. Choose Finish. A configuration form appears:

  8. In the ODBC tab, name the data source and optionally provide a description.

  9. In the Database tab, enter the following information:

    NOTE   If you are setting up Adaptive Server Anywhere databases from a network server, you should follow the instructions provided by the network server.

  10. Click OK.

If you need help, look at the ODBC settings for the sample applications you installed with SilverStream.

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