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Class ComponentAdapter

Direct Known Subclasses:
BasicSliderUI.ComponentHandler, BasicTreeUI.ComponentHandler, JViewport.ViewListener

public abstract class ComponentAdapter
extends Object
implements ComponentListener

An abstract adapter class for receiving component events. The methods in this class are empty. This class exists as convenience for creating listener objects.

Extend this class to create a ComponentEvent listener and override the methods for the events of interest. (If you implement the ComponentListener interface, you have to define all of the methods in it. This abstract class defines null methods for them all, so you can only have to define methods for events you care about.)

Create a listener object using your class and then register it with a component using the component's addComponentListener method. When the component's size, location, or visibility changes, the relevant method in the listener object is invoked, and the ComponentEvent is passed to it.

See Also:
ComponentEvent, ComponentListener, Tutorial: Writing a Component Listener, Reference: The Java Class Libraries (update file)

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void componentHidden(ComponentEvent e)
          Invoked when the component has been made invisible.
 void componentMoved(ComponentEvent e)
          Invoked when the component's position changes.
 void componentResized(ComponentEvent e)
          Invoked when the component's size changes.
 void componentShown(ComponentEvent e)
          Invoked when the component has been made visible.
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Constructor Detail


public ComponentAdapter()
Method Detail


public void componentResized(ComponentEvent e)
Invoked when the component's size changes.
Specified by:
componentResized in interface ComponentListener


public void componentMoved(ComponentEvent e)
Invoked when the component's position changes.
Specified by:
componentMoved in interface ComponentListener


public void componentShown(ComponentEvent e)
Invoked when the component has been made visible.
Specified by:
componentShown in interface ComponentListener


public void componentHidden(ComponentEvent e)
Invoked when the component has been made invisible.
Specified by:
componentHidden in interface ComponentListener

JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Edition

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