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Uses of Interface

Packages that use ObjectOutput
java.awt.datatransfer Provides interfaces and classes for transferring data between and within applications. Provides for system input and output through data streams, serialization and the file system. 
java.rmi.server Provides classes and interfaces for supporting the server side of RMI. 

Uses of ObjectOutput in java.awt.datatransfer

Methods in java.awt.datatransfer with parameters of type ObjectOutput
 void DataFlavor.writeExternal(ObjectOutput os)
          Serialize this DataFlavor

Uses of ObjectOutput in

Classes in that implement ObjectOutput
 class ObjectOutputStream
          An ObjectOutputStream writes primitive data types and graphs of Java objects to an OutputStream.

Methods in with parameters of type ObjectOutput
abstract  void ObjectOutputStream.PutField.write(ObjectOutput out)
          Write the data and fields to the specified ObjectOutput stream.
 void Externalizable.writeExternal(ObjectOutput out)
          The object implements the writeExternal method to save its contents by calling the methods of DataOutput for its primitive values or calling the writeObject method of ObjectOutput for objects, strings, and arrays.

Uses of ObjectOutput in java.rmi.server

Methods in java.rmi.server that return ObjectOutput
 ObjectOutput RemoteCall.getOutputStream()
          Deprecated. no replacement
 ObjectOutput RemoteCall.getResultStream(boolean success)
          Deprecated. no replacement

Methods in java.rmi.server with parameters of type ObjectOutput
 void ObjID.write(ObjectOutput out)
          Marshals object id to output stream.
 String RemoteRef.getRefClass(ObjectOutput out)
          Returns the class name of the ref type to be serialized onto the stream 'out'.

JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Edition

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