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Packages that use Float
java.awt.font Provides classes and interface relating to fonts. 
java.lang Provides classes that are fundamental to the design of the Java programming language. 

Uses of Float in java.awt.font

Fields in java.awt.font declared as Float
static Float TextAttribute.WEIGHT_EXTRA_LIGHT
          The lightest predefined weight.
static Float TextAttribute.WEIGHT_LIGHT
          The standard light weight.
static Float TextAttribute.WEIGHT_DEMILIGHT
          An intermediate weight between LIGHT and STANDARD.
static Float TextAttribute.WEIGHT_REGULAR
          The standard weight.
static Float TextAttribute.WEIGHT_SEMIBOLD
          A moderately heavier weight than REGULAR.
static Float TextAttribute.WEIGHT_MEDIUM
          An intermediate weight between the REGULAR and BOLD weights.
static Float TextAttribute.WEIGHT_DEMIBOLD
          A moderately lighter weight than BOLD.
static Float TextAttribute.WEIGHT_BOLD
          The standard bold weight.
static Float TextAttribute.WEIGHT_HEAVY
          A moderately heavier weight than BOLD.
static Float TextAttribute.WEIGHT_EXTRABOLD
          An extra heavy weight.
static Float TextAttribute.WEIGHT_ULTRABOLD
          The heaviest predefined weight.
static Float TextAttribute.WIDTH_CONDENSED
          The most condensed predefined width.
static Float TextAttribute.WIDTH_SEMI_CONDENSED
          A moderately condensed width.
static Float TextAttribute.WIDTH_REGULAR
          The standard width.
static Float TextAttribute.WIDTH_SEMI_EXTENDED
          A moderately extended width.
static Float TextAttribute.WIDTH_EXTENDED
          The most extended predefined width.
static Float TextAttribute.POSTURE_REGULAR
          The standard posture, upright.
static Float TextAttribute.POSTURE_OBLIQUE
          The standard italic posture.
static Float TextAttribute.JUSTIFICATION_FULL
          Justify the line to the full requested width.
static Float TextAttribute.JUSTIFICATION_NONE
          Do not allow the line to be justified.

Uses of Float in java.lang

Methods in java.lang that return Float
static Float Float.valueOf(String s)
          Returns the floating point value represented by the specified String.

Methods in java.lang with parameters of type Float
 int Float.compareTo(Float anotherFloat)
          Compares two Floats numerically.

JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Edition

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