JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Edition

Package java.rmi.registry

Provides a class and two interfaces for the RMI registry.


Interface Summary
Registry For obtaining references to remote objects, RMI provides a simple remote object registry interface, implemented by RMI's rmiregistry, that provides methods for storing and retrieving remote object references.
RegistryHandler Deprecated. no replacement

Class Summary
LocateRegistry LocateRegistry is used to obtain a reference to a bootstrap remote object registry on a particular host (including the local host), or to create a remote object registry that accepts calls on a specific port.

Package java.rmi.registry Description

Provides a class and two interfaces for the RMI registry. A registry is a remote object that maps names to remote objects. A server registers its remote objects with the registry so that they can be looked up. When an object wants to invoke a method on a remote object, it must first lookup the remote object using its name. The registry returns to the calling object a reference to the remote object, using which a remote method can be invoked.


JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Edition

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