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Class GrayFilter


public class GrayFilter
extends RGBImageFilter

An image filter that "disables" an image by turning it into a grayscale image, and brightening the pixels in the image. Used by buttons to create an image for a disabled button.

Fields inherited from class java.awt.image.RGBImageFilter
canFilterIndexColorModel, newmodel, origmodel
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Constructor Summary
GrayFilter(boolean b, int p)
          Constructs a GrayFilter object that filters a color image to a grayscale image.
Method Summary
static Image createDisabledImage(Image i)
          Creates a disabled image
 int filterRGB(int x, int y, int rgb)
          Overrides RGBImageFilter.filterRGB.
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filterIndexColorModel, filterRGBPixels, setColorModel, setPixels, setPixels, substituteColorModel
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clone, getFilterInstance, imageComplete, resendTopDownLeftRight, setDimensions, setHints, setProperties
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Constructor Detail


public GrayFilter(boolean b,
                  int p)
Constructs a GrayFilter object that filters a color image to a grayscale image. Used by buttons to create disabled ("grayed out") button images.
b - a boolean -- true if the pixels should be brightened
p - an int in the range 0..100 that determines the percentage of gray, where 100 is the darkest gray, and 0 is the lightest
Method Detail


public static Image createDisabledImage(Image i)
Creates a disabled image


public int filterRGB(int x,
                     int y,
                     int rgb)
Overrides RGBImageFilter.filterRGB.
filterRGB in class RGBImageFilter
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See Also:
ColorModel.getRGBdefault(), RGBImageFilter.filterRGBPixels(int, int, int, int, int[], int, int)

JavaTM 2 Platform
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