Micro Focus File Dynamics 6.1 Release Notes

September 28, 2018

1.0 About this Release

Micro Focus File Dynamics 6.1 includes performance enhancements, new functionality, and addresses several outstanding issues.

Due to the introduction of new features, previous versions of the Admin Client (6.0 and earlier) are not compatible with the 6.1 Engine and vice versa. If you attempt to log in via an earlier version of the Admin Client you will receive an error indicating that it is incompatible with the new Engine.

Changes have been made to the Windows Firewall rules for the Engine and File System Agent. Therefore, once each component has been upgraded you must run the respective configuration utility through to completion of the Wizard to repair their Windows Firewall rules.

While the Event Monitor and File System Agent have been updated, upgrading them is not necessary for functionality in this release. However, you are encouraged to do so at your earliest convenience.

2.0 Prerequisites

All component installers will attempt to download and install version 4.6.2 of the .NET Framework if it or a newer version is not currently installed. If you encounter an error during installation regarding the .NET Framework, it is likely due to a lack of network connectivity to automatically download and install the latest 4.6.2 .NET Framework or there is a security restriction preventing it from being set up.

If it is the former, you can opt to manually download and install the .NET Framework at https://www.microsoft.com/net/download/dotnet-framework-runtime.

If it is the latter, you can enable .NET Framework setup by performing the following:

  1. Launch Internet Explorer.

  2. Click Tools (Alt-x).

  3. Click Internet Options.

  4. Click the Security tab, then click the Custom level… button

  5. Scroll to find Enable .NET Framework setup, then click Enable.

  6. Click OK twice to save the settings.

  7. Rerun the necessary component installer.

3.0 Upgrading

File Dynamics 6.1 contains updated versions of all components. These are the:

  • Admin Client

  • Engine

  • Event Monitor

  • File System Agent

  • Phoenix Agent

  • Data Owner Client

When upgrading the Engine, you are required to update the SQL Server database schema via the File Dynamics Configuration Utility.

When upgrading the Engine and File System Agent, you should run the respective component’s configuration utility through to completion of the Wizard to repair any Windows Firewall rules.

4.0 New Features

The following are new features in File Dynamics 6.1:

Security Notify Policies

These new Target-Driven policies allow you to analyze and be notified of the changes in security permissions for a selected target path. Notifications are sent via email and specify the added, modified, or removed permissions for users and groups.

The updated Phoenix Agent is required for Security Notify Policies.

Set File Owners via Workload

Owners on files can now be set via Workload. The new Engine, Phoenix Agent, and Data Owner Client are required to utilize this feature.

5.0 Improvements and Fixes

The following improvements have been made in File Dynamics 6.1:

OpenSSL Upgraded to 1.0.2o

The OpenSSL libraries used by the Engine, File System Agent, and Event Monitor have been upgraded to 1.0.2o. In addition, TLSv1.0 and TLSv1.1 have been disabled.

File System Agent CEDM Capable Box Not Checked

The CEDM capability indicator was not properly set for an eligible File System Agent.

Execute Option No Longer Enabled for Workload

The Execute option is no longer enabled for Workload.

Groom Rule Could Potentially Vault All Files

A Groom rule consisting solely of delete rules would inadvertently add a copy all fallback rule. This would result in any files not matching the delete rules would be groomed to the vault instead.

Pending Events Missing from Runtime Config

The list of pending events was missing from the Runtime Config due to a malformed query.

Identity-Driven Available Target Path Calculation

Under certain conditions, the Identity-Driven available target path calculation could enter a never-ending loop.

CEDM eDirectory Log Message Level Change

The log message level for CEDM eDirectory meta-data creator and owner retrieval was increased.

6.0 Known Issues

Data Owner Client

  • There might be instances where a Microsoft Excel file cannot be previewed.

  • My Data, directories with a “.” (period) in the name are considered a file and appear as a recent document item.

  • When logged in as a normal user, then selecting the Run as administrator option, certain files might not be opened properly via the Windows shell.