6.8 Trending Report

Currently, the only report in this classification is the Volume Free Space report. Before generating a Volume Free Space report, you must first conduct a Volume Free Space scan on the volumes or shares you want to report on.

6.8.1 Generating a Volume Free Space Report

The Volume Free Space report lets you view available volume or share disk space over a set amount of time. For best results, you should conduct regularly scheduled Volume Free Space scans on specific volumes and shares. Novell File Reporter then has the data it needs to graph the pattern of free space on the volume or share.

  1. Select Reports > Report Definitions.

  2. Click Add.

  3. In the Name field, specify a descriptive name of the report definition.

  4. Select the Volume Free Space option and click OK.

  5. In the Last number of days to include field, specify the last number of days you want the report to include.

    For example, if you want the report to graph the last month, enter 30.

    The lowest number you can specify is 7.

  6. Browse to and specify the volumes or shares you want included in the report and click OK.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Generate the report as either a Preview report or a Stored report.

    For procedures on generating a Preview report, see Generating a Preview Report.

    For procedures on generating a Stored report, see Generating a Stored Report.