Micro Focus File Reporter 3.0.3 Release Notes

April 18, 2017

The information in these Release Notes applies to Micro Focus File Reporter 3.0.x and contains the following sections:

1.0 Issues Resolved Since 3.0.2

The following issues were fixed in the 3.0.3 release after the release of 3.0.2.

1.1 Engine

The Engine no longer sends out the storage resources list to Agents by default. For existing Agents that might continue to request the storage resource list, an empty list is sent instead. Since an Agent dynamically rebuilds its cache on-demand for just the servers it scans, this change should have no noticeable impact at scan time and might reduce network traffic and processing overhead when the Engine rebuilds the storage resources list.

1.2 Agent

The Agent no longer requests the storage resources list from the Engine by default. Since an Agent dynamically rebuilds its cache on-demand for just the servers it scans, this change should have no noticeable impact at scan time, and might reduce network traffic and processing overhead when the Engine rebuilds the storage resources list.

1.3 Database

The stored procedures responsible for batch import and batch delete of scan data are now broken up transactionally, alleviating issues where the database transaction log would grow too large. Transactions are now performed in batches of 100,000 records by default. Since the deletion or import of a single scan is no longer a single database transaction, these operations might run a little longer in some cases, but will now allow operations to complete successfully where the transaction log space is limited.

NOTE:This change applies to SQL Server only, and has not yet been updated for PostgreSQL installations.

2.0 Issues Resolved Since 3.0.1

The following list of issues were fixed in the 3.0.2 release after the release of 3.0.1.

2.1 Web Application

  • The Custom Query Editor no longer generates an error when performing an SQL query that results in more than 10,000 rows.

2.2 Report Designer

  • The Custom Query Editor no longer generates an error when performing an SQL query that results in more than 10,000 rows.

2.3 PostgreSQL Npgsql Driver Update

  • The Npgsql ADO.NET driver for PostgreSQL has been updated to 3.1.x fixing an issue with multi-statement batch queries in Custom Query reports.

2.4 OpenSSL 1.0.2

  • The OpenSSL library for the Engine and Agent components has been updated to 1.0.2j.

3.0 Issues Resolved Since 3.0

The following list of issues were fixed in the 3.0.1 release after the release of 3.0.

3.1 Engine

  • For Permissions scans in Active Directory environments, group membership post-scan enumeration for group trustees no longer fail to process.

3.2 Web Application

  • Cancellation of scans from the web interface no longer cause other active scans to temporarily disappear from the Scans in Progress view.

  • The occasional failure of the Web Configuration utility to provision the Application Pool identity account has been resolved.

  • In cases where the built-in IIS_USRS group was modified or restricted, the Application Pool identity account no longer fails to operate properly. The Web Configuration utility now adds the necessary rights manually instead of relying on the built-in group.

3.3 Agent

  • Collection of Volume Free Space data no longer contains an incorrect tag name in the scan data file and consequently, preventing any new volume free space data entries from being added to the database.

  • For Agents running on OES Linux, the configuration utility for agents now properly update and retrieve custom values for the data and scan data paths.

4.0 New in Version 3.0

4.1 Data Analytics Desktop Tool

The Client Tools package includes a new Data Analytics desktop application, providing multiple views for analysis of collected file system scans.

4.2 Scan Processor Service

A new Scan Processor service provides bulk load capabilities for collected scan data, greatly reducing the time needed to load scan data into the database.

4.3 Support for NSS64

This release adds support for NSS64 volumes on OES 2015, including large volume and directory quota sizes.

5.0 Upgrades

  • Upgrading is only supported from version 2.5.0 or later.

  • Micro Focus File Reporter is a direct upgrade for Novell File Reporter 2.5.0 – 2.6.0.

    • Install package locations are now located under the Micro Focus company name.

    • Various path names on disk, in the registry, and as prefixes for default values now make use of the generic product name SRS instead of File Reporter or NFR.

6.0 Known Issues

6.1 Identity System Limitations

  • Single-label DNS domains are not supported in Active Directory environments.

  • Windows DFS (Distributed File System) standalone namespaces are not supported.

6.2 Scanning and Data Collection

  • The Engine might stop processing scans if more than about 500 concurrent scans have been delegated. Scans that appear to have stopped processing will need to be cancelled. As a workaround, plan scan scheduling so that only a few hundred concurrent scans are delegated at any one time.

  • Retained Previous and Baseline scans do not yet include point-in-time data for directory services data. This means that differential Permissions reports needing to include changes for indirect rights via group memberships in Active Directory and security equivalences in eDirectory are currently unavailable. Furthermore, detection of changes to directory service accounts, such as a user or group rename, are not yet available as well.

  • Permissions scans currently do not include LSA (Local Security Authority) privileges.

  • Permissions scans for Active Directory environments do not currently enumerate group memberships for local groups.

  • Permissions scans for eDirectory environments do not currently include IRFs (Inherited Rights Filters).

  • File System scans in eDirectory environments cannot collect the Compressed File Size on NSS volumes.

6.3 Reporting

  • Drill-down links to detail reports from summary or aggregate file system reports work only in the context of the Web Application, not with exported reports such as PDF.

  • Historic File System Comparison reports for Novell or Micro Focus file systems might include more entries than expected when you choose to include modified entries with changes to Create Time, Modify Time, or Access Time. Due to an issue with the Client for OES, APIs reporting timestamps incorrectly for different Daylight Saving Time periods, the collected scan data might indicate a significant number of changes based on timestamps which appear to be off by +1 or -1 hour. See https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=928583 for more details.

6.4 Agent

  • During a Directory Quota operation in Active Directory environments, an attempt to stop the NFR Agent might appear to be unresponsive.

6.5 Engine

  • The Engine service might fail to restart if the database is unavailable after restart. If this happens, you must start the Engine service manually.

7.0 Current Bugs

7.1 Scans in Waiting-for-Retry State Cannot be Retried After Restarting the Engine Service

Scans in this condition might display with a next retry time in the past. Simply cancel the scan and run the scan policy again to work around this issue.

7.2 Table of Contents Only Works in the Report Footer

NOTE:To add the Table of Contents to the Report Footer, first add the TOC to the report (which requires placing it in a Report Header, first), then move it to the Report Footer.

7.3 Parsing Issues with Window Functions in Query Editor

When using SQL window functions, some database-specific window parameters might not be recognized.

7.4 Web-based Report Preview Might Show Blank Report

When running a preview report from the web interface using Internet Explorer, the displayed report might partially render, then become blank. Simply refresh the preview page, or close and reopen the preview report.

7.5 Agent Might Stop Responding If It Cannot Heartbeat to the Engine for an Extended Period of Time

In some circumstances, an Agent service might become unresponsive after a number of failed attempts to heartbeat into the engine. In this case, the Agent service might not shut down or restart without needing to kill the Agent process.

7.6 Tree Map Analytics View May Be Off by One Value in the Category Totals

This is most readily noticed when scoped to a folder having only a single file entry, where the category list is missing information altogether.

7.7 Tree Map Analytics View Occasionally Displays as All Gray

Occasionally, the tree map displays an all-gray view, even though multiple category entries are actually visible. Simply reset the scope or resize the display to force the tree map to redraw.

7.8 Miscellaneous

  • Unhandled exception in Query Editor when SQL parser throws an exception

  • Cannot close Query Editor if the SQL parser fails to validate