Micro Focus File Reporter 3.5 Release Notes

June 27, 2018

The information in these Release Notes applies to Micro Focus File Reporter 3.5 and contains the following sections:

1.0 New Features

The following are new features introduced in File Reporter 3.5.

1.1 File Content Analysis

This release includes basic file content scanning with search and classification for files stored on Windows storage devices.

1.2 AgentFS

  • New purpose-built Agent for scanning Windows file system metadata. This Agent is intended to replace the previous Agent for Windows, which is now listed as the Legacy Agent for Windows.

  • Developed with newer frameworks targeting future development initiatives.

  • Fixes an issue seen in some environments with scanning file systems having data deduplication enabled.

  • Supports scanning of NSS AD file systems (see below).

1.3 Lighthouse Support for NSS AD

This release includes support for NSS for AD for lighthouse customers. To be considered for inclusion in the lighthouse program, please contact the File Reporter Product Management team via email at support@filereportersupport.com.

  • Initial support for NSS AD is available when using AgentFS.

  • Special licensing is required to enable this feature.

  • Permissions reports must be generated via Custom Query.

1.4 Support for OES 2018

This release fully supports file system metadata scanning of Open Enterprise Server 2018 file systems.

2.0 Updates

The following are updates introduced in File Reporter 3.5.

2.1 Report Designer

Report Designer now makes use of newer Expression Builder bindings.

  • The Bookmarks bindings has now moved to the expression builder tab.

  • An Update Report button is displayed for any existing report layouts that may be converted to the newer format.

3.0 Known Issues

3.1 File Content Analysis

File content analysis only supports scanning of file content on file systems located in Active Directory environments for this release. An Active Directory identity system must be defined in order to utilize this feature.

3.2 AgentFS

  • AgentFS does not currently support scanning against nested DFS targets, where a DFS target references another DFS link or target path.

  • While AgentFS is targeted as a replacement for the Legacy Agent for Windows, please note that AgentFS does not support scanning file systems in eDirectory environments, such as NSS on Open Enterprise Server.

3.3 Report Preview Refresh with Firefox

Refreshing a Preview Report using F5 or Ctl+R might cause an error related to invalid state information. This error is only present with Firefox and can be corrected by issuing a forced refresh, such as using Ctl+F5, or by closing and re-opening the Preview Report.

4.0 Deprecated Features

4.1 Support for Internet Explorer

Support for Internet Explorer 11 has been removed with this release. Please use the latest release of one of the following supported desktop browsers:

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Edge

4.2 Deprecated Databases

  • Support for SQL Server 2012 is now considered deprecated. Customers upgrading from a previous release of File Reporter can upgrade with an existing SQL Server 2012 with a warning, but new installations should use a supported version listed in the Micro Focus File Reporter 3.5 Installation Guide.

  • PostgreSQL prior to version 9.5 is not supported with this release. This includes previously supported versions 9.2, 9.3 and 9.4. Customers upgrading from a previous version of File Reporter installed against a deprecated version of PostgreSQL must first upgrade to a supported version of PostgreSQL before upgrading to File Reporter 3.5.