Open Enterprise Server 2023 Support for File Reporter 3.6

October 13, 2022

The File Reporter version 3.6 File System Agent will run on OES 2023 with some caveats. The File Reporter Agent rpm package header is not signed, and the error will need to be ignored in order to continue with the installation.

1.0 Recommended Installation Steps

  1. Install OES 2023 with the OES NCP Server package and configure.

  2. Set up Software Repositories.

  3. Download the latest version available of File Reporter 3.6 from SLD or patch channel.

  4. Use “zypper install microfocus-filereporter-agent-3.6.x-x.x86_64.rpm” to install and satisfy all necessary dependencies.

    Instead of the documented “rpm -i” method.

  5. Follow the File Reporter 3.6 Installation Guide for configuration.