13.1 Configuring an Email Service for Filr to Use

Path: Port 9443 Appliance Console Configuration icon > Outbound E-Mail


  • If you make changes in this dialog, you must select Reconfigure Filr Server for them to take effect.

    Because reconfiguring Filr restarts the Filr service, you should only change these settings during off-peak hours.

Best Practice: Plan the email service that will handle outgoing notifications in advance and use the following worksheet when working in this dialog:

  • Worksheet 13 - Notifications

Table 13-1 Outbound Email dialog

Field, Option, or Button


Outbound Email dialog


  • Use Local Postfix Mail Server

By default, Filr is configured with an active Postfix mail server system.

  • To use another mail system (such as GroupWise), deselect this option, then specify the appropriate information for the system that Filr will use instead.

  • Protocol:

  • Host:

  • Specify the host name of the mail server that Filr will leverage.

    If you are using GroupWise, this is the host name of a server where the Internet Agent is running.

  • Port:

  • Specify the port through which Filr can connect to the SMTP mail server.

    GroupWise always uses port 25, even when SSL is enabled.

    Some mail servers require port 465 or 587 for SMTPS connections.

  • Time zone:

  • You can change the time zone if you want Filr to use an email time stamp that is different from the time zone where the server is located.

    The time zone list is grouped first by continent or region, optionally by country or state, and lastly by city.

  • User Name:

  • Specify the email address that Filr will use when sending emails.

    If the email server requires authentication, Filr sends this username.

    Many SMTP mail hosts require a valid email address before they establish the SMTP connection.

    Although some email systems can construct a valid email address if you specify only a valid user name, you should provide a valid email address to ensure a successful connection.

    Email notifications from Filr will show this email address in the From field.

  • Password:

  • If the email server requires passwords, specify the password for the user name.

  • Authentication Required

  • If the email server Filr is leveraging requires authentication, select this option.

    GroupWise The GroupWise Internet Agent does not require authentication for inbound messages. However, the /forceinboundauth startup switch in gwia.cfg will cause the Internet Agent to refuse SMTP connections unless a valid email user name and password are provided.

    The Internet Agent can accept just the user name or the full email address.

    Exchange If you set up the outbound email server to require authentication (by selecting the option Authentication Required), Exchange must be configured to allow the From address to be different from the user who is configured for Exchange authentication. The Exchange permission that you need to add is ms-Exch-SMTP-Accept-Any-Sender.

    This is needed because Exchange, by default, requires that the From address of outbound emails match the exchange user who is configured for authentication, and many Filr emails place the email address of the user performing an action in the From field.

  • Allow sending e-mail to all users

  • If you select this option, users can send email to the All Users group.

    This is disabled by default because of the potential for users to send large numbers of emails.

  • Force HTTPS links

  • Select this if all links in Filr-generated email messages should be HTTPS instead of HTTP.

    Otherwise, Filr uses its connection (HTTP or HTTPS) with the emailing user as the link protocol.

  • Enable STARTTLS

  • Select this option if the email service that Filr is leveraging requires TLS over SMTP for secure email.

  • From e-mail address override:

  • If you don’t want the User Name email address used in the From field in Filr messages, specify a different address here.

  • Use from e-mail address override for all outbound e-mail

  • Select this option to have Filr always use the From email address override email address in system-generated emails (summarized in Enabling Notifications).

    If this option is not selected, the From email address override field is used only in digest subscription emails.

  • Connection Timeout:

  • Specify the amount of time for Filr to wait before timing out on a connection request to the email host.

  • Test Connection

  • Click this to test your Outbound E-Mail configuration.