23.1 Managing Field Test Patches

You can manage field test patches for the Filr appliance directly from the appliance. You can install new patches, view currently installed patches, and uninstall patches.

Path: Port 9443 Appliance Console Field Patch icon

Table 23-1 Using the Field Patch dialog

Field, Option, or Button

Information and/or Action

Field Test Patch

Install a Downloaded Patch sub-section

  • Path to Field Patch:

  • Use the Browse button to navigate to a downloaded patch, then click Install to apply the patch.

Manage Installed Patches sub-section

  • This lists all of the patches that are currently installed, when they were installed, and information about the patch as supplied by Micro Focus.

  • Uninstall Latest Patch button

  • Patches must be uninstalled in reverse order and only the latest patch can be uninstalled.

  • Select the latest installed patch, then click this button and confirm that you want the patch uninstalled.

  • Download Log File button

  • Click this to download the log file that tracks patch installations.