3.0 Uninstalling the Filr Desktop Application

Before you uninstall the Filr desktop application, close all the open Filr files and applications.

Uninstalling the Filr desktop application:

  • Removes all Filr application files and configuration data.

  • As part of the uninstall, previously downloaded and synchronized files and folders are moved to the following folder:


    where timestamp is the filr uninstallation date in yyyy_mm_dd__hh_mm_ss format.

    Example: home/username/Filr2017_10_26__18_27_19

    You can delete the folders if you no longer need them. However, the files and folders still exist on the Filr server.

To uninstall Filr desktop application, do the following:

  1. Launch the command line terminal.

  2. Run the following command as a root user:

    sudo /opt/novell/filr/bin/filrClient --uninstall

IMPORTANT:If you choose to uninstall the desktop application when the disk space on the desktop computer is very less (around 200 MB), the uninstall might not remove the following RPMs:

  • filr-linux-desktop

  • filr-linux-desktop-nautillus

To perform a clean uninstallation, perform the following steps to manually remove the RPMs:

  1. Launch a terminal.

  2. Run the below commands as a root user:

    • # sudo zypper remove filr-linux-desktop

    • # sudo zypper remove filr-linux-desktop-nautillus

    • #sudo rm -r /tmp/filr-installed