3.10 Unsharing Files and Folders

You can unshare files and folders that you previously shared with internal users, external users, and user groups. When you unshare a folder, only the folder is unshared. This unsharing action is not recursive and does not apply to any of the sub folders or files that have been separately shared.

For example, consider a folder named folder1 containing files file1, file2, file3, and file4. Assume that you have shared the folder1 with some users. You have also shared file2 and file3 with some users. If you unshare folder1, the sharing of file2 and file3 is not affected.

To unshare files and folders:

  1. Navigate to the file or the folder that you want to unshare.

    Assuming you have rights to unshare, you can unshare files and folders in your My Files , Shared with Me , Shared by Me , and Net Folders area.

  2. Select one or more files or folders that you want to unshare, then click Unshare.

  3. To unshare the selected files or folders, click OK else click Cancel.