B.0 About cURL

cURL is an open source command line tool for making HTTP requests. It typically comes installed on on Linux and Mac computers and can be downloaded for other platforms, including Windows, from the cURL Download page.

The following describes the options that are used throughout the Filr REST tutorial. Full documentation is available on the cURL Documentation page.

The general syntax is: curl [options] <url>




Do not verify SSL certificates for HTTPS requests

-u [username]:[password]

User credentials for basic authentication


Verbose; show additional output, including the request and response headers


Specify the HTTP command (GET, PUT, POST or DELETE)

-H "[header-name]: header-value"

Specify a custom request header

-d "[DATA]"

Data to POST in the request body

-o [file-name]

Write output to the file instead of stdout

-T [file-name]

Upload the specified file in the request body