GroupWise Disaster Recovery 18.1 Release Notes

1.0 Product Overview

GroupWise Disaster Recovery provides live backup and restore for Micro Focus GroupWise. GroupWise Disaster Recovery integrates with GroupWise post offices and domains to provide reliable backups. In the event of a disaster where the post office or domain is unusable or lost, GroupWise Disaster Recovery can provide a temporary post office and domain for the GroupWise system to run off of, making messages flow seamlessly, even in a crisis.

GroupWise Disaster Recovery 18.1 includes new features, improves usability, and resolves several previous issues.

2.0 What’s New

GroupWise Disaster Recovery 18.1 includes several new features:

  • Web Admin Console UI updated:

    • New Login page.

    • Page navigation updates.

    • Tools menu update.

    • Confirmation and Tooltip style updates.

    • Tab navigation for log pages.

    • Collapsible style updates.

    • Page scrolling update.

    • Branding update to use Micro Focus colors.

  • SLES 15 Support.

  • Updated OpenSSL library (REL-439).

  • Migrated several settings from the Administration Console to the Web Admin Console.

  • Documentation updated.

3.0 Known Issues

GroupWise Disaster Recovery 18.1 has no known issues.

Micro Focus strives to ensure that our products provide quality solutions for your enterprise software needs. If you need assistance with any issue, visit Micro Focus Support, then select the appropriate product category.

4.0 Resolved Issues

GroupWise Disaster Recovery 18.1 resolves several previous issues:

  • REL-468: SLES 15 does not install NFS Server in default installation.

  • REL-455: What's new! Link needs to point to a support KB detailing GWDR 18.1 features.

  • REL-451: Cannot Establish Connectivity to Paired Server - SYNC Process Not Running.

  • REL-363: Improved SLES 12 support.

  • REL-351: Turning Off Access Mode Within the Profile Throws An Error.

  • REL-350: Reload Collector Does Not Kick Off Sync Process (GRE_PO_SYNC).

  • REL-329: Typos in Post Office and POA Settings.

  • REL-310: Slight rework of Web UI EULA acceptance on update page.

5.0 Installing/Upgrading GroupWise Disaster Recovery

GroupWise Disaster Recovery software is delivered as an zip file and is installed on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. See the GroupWise Disaster Recovery Installation Guide for system requirements and instructions on installing/upgrading GWDR.

6.0 Contacting Micro Focus

For specific product issues, contact Micro Focus Support at

Additional technical information or advice is available from several sources: