GroupWise 18.5 Bug Fix List

This release includes the following fixes:

Security Fixes

The following security fixes were made in GroupWise 18.5:

Library Updates

We updated the following libraries to the versions indicated to address high or critical reported vulnerabilities:

All Components - Security Fix

We modified the default SSL ciphers to be consistent across all GroupWise components, including GroupWise Web, to prevent DHEat(er) attacks.

Admin - Security Fix

Password validation will now warn that a password is "weak" if all of the following criteria are not met:

GroupWise Web - Security Enhancements

GroupWise Windows Client - Security Fixes

Other Bug Fixes

The following other bug fixes were made in GroupWise 18.5:

Admin Bug Fixes

474278 - Associate and Disassociate buttons missing for Post Office and Domain administrators.
599027 - Rebuild of Post Office database fails to remove backup.
603007 - Admin problem message after D109 error on Personl Address Book flush.
606046 - Option "IMAP copy results in a GroupWise move" is not saved.
608082 - The Admin console always displays FALSE for the "Use SSL" column in the Message Transfer Agents list.
609082 - The "Logging Level" column is empty in the Message Transfer Agents list.
614069 - The Admin console always displays TRUE for the "Use SSL" column in the Post Office Agents list.
625232 - From the System > Administrators screen the content in the "Domain Adminstrators" and "Post Office Administrators" tabs are greyed-out.

Agents Bug Fixes

586013 - Incorrect Host down error in GWIA with relay host.
592069 - The Document Viewer Agent fails on Windows two to three times per day.
595048 - Opening angle bracket missing in address specicifications for outgoing DSN messages.
600046 - System slice is not displayed using the rcgrpwise status command.
604136 - The GroupWise High Availability Service (GWHA) sends sigterm to restarted agents.
613019 - Incorrect SSL status displayed on the MTA console when a connection is not established.
613221 - Declined status email generated when a meeting is created in a shared sub-calendar.
625211 - Updates to shared address book not propagating.
627235 - LDAP server failover not working as expected.

Windows Client Bug Fixes

335051 - The icon for Resend looks too much like reply-to-all.
342001 - Message preview distorts text when scrolling with a mouse wheel.
507240 - The HTML button in email does not render correctly.
509007 - Task does not line wrap when created in Portuguese.
527081 - Display settings lost.
527106 - Unable to select "alternate from address" from a shared folder.
547001 - The "click to add signature" feature appears in original email when replying to digitally signed email.
562028 - Link in message not displayed as a link.
599026 - Add an expiration date for attachment share links in Filr (enhancement).
599054 - Items show in the main calendar but are missing in the proxy calendar.
599080 - Group names display truncated after auto-complete.
604150 - Routing slip lost when changing from HTML to plain text.
607043 - Update panels to use Edge WebView2 instead of IE when rendering web sites.
607115 - Subject changes lost after switch from reply to reply-to-all.
612136 - Crash on particular message from Outlook.
612215 - Text for emoticons disappears when using dark colors on the calendar.
613017 - Items not showing on subscribed calendar.
619057 - VCard attachment shows incorrect icon.
625072 - Problem printing message using HTML browser for print.
626131 - Error when selecting to always use LibreOffice to open Excel or Word attachments.
632022 - Mailto href link not working.
632053 - HTML message not showing all data.
632121 - Searching on TO field fails.
633137 - Quickfinder not showing all results depending on sorted column.
636054 - Content is incomplete when copied from LibreOffice 7.x and pasted to GroupWise message body during compose.
657006 - Modifying the save/checkout directory does not reset the last saved location.
657022 - Links in email not showing as hyperlinks.
666036 - Attached email fails to display.

GroupWise Web Bug Fixes

581140 - Items sent from Gmail to GroupWise Web and then forwarded in GroupWise Web are sent as 0 byte (including attachments, embedded images, and signatures).
595026 - The bottom arrow in the scroll bar on the item list is only partially displayed.
604029 - Clicking on a malformed mailto link is not populating the Compose dialog box with expected CC and BCC recipients.
612144 - When replying to an embedded item, it is replying to the message sender, and not to the owner of the embedded item.
613260 - Cannot empty items from the Trash folder using the Delete key.
620136 - Issue with self-signed certificates not working with current browsers.
626196 - Items are duplicated when they are changed from personal appointments to group appointments.
626197 - Personal and group items are not distinguished from each other in the calendar.