GroupWise 18.1 SP1 Bug Fix List

Security Fixes:

1100448 - Admin console JSP compilation could lead to remote code execution.
1094247 - S/MIME and OpenPGP xfiltration channel Efail exploit related to CVE-2017-17688 and CVE-2017-17689.
1125460 - Security: Web Access XSS vulnerability in about dialog. Thank you to Raul Morales Ramírez (Pentester) for disclosing this vulnerability.
1105969 - Visibility not honored in Address book when sorted on email address.
AdoptOpenJDK updated to jdk-11.0.2+9 from 11.0 +28 to include fixes for CVE-2018-11212, CVE-2019-2422 and CVE-2019-2426.
OpenSSL updated to version 1.0.2r to include fixes for CVE-2018-0734 and CVE-2018-5407.
Jetty updated to version 9.4.14.v20181114 to include fixes for CVE-2017-7656, CVE-2017-7657, CVE-2017-7658 and CVE-2018-12536.

Admin Bug Fixes:

942924 - Remove option to send as RFC822 instead of MIME.
965698 - Unable to set backup/restore timestamp from console.
971834 - Report error when Restore area creation fails.
984202 - Wrong item type displayed on search result from Admin console.
1002645 - Expire Reduce saved options file opens as Analyze Fix.
1002852 - Increase LDAP size limit from 1000 to 2500.
1004753 - Blank list when user with undefined attibutes present.
1006247 - No LDAP filter results when using wildcard attributes.
1008766 - New post office does not inherit time zone of domain.
1008767 - Description column hides GWIA list.
1049920 - Wrong path displayed on restore mailbox dialog.
1054639 - Trim leading and trailing whitespace from custom paths.
1097993 - Incorrect rights displayed for user under certain conditions.
1098669 - Reassociated user missing LDAP shortcut attributes on Messenger user object.
1105120 - Unable to disassociate a library object.
1107161 - Sync schedule change requires MTA restart.
1114514 - Adin Console CSV export failure.
1115979 - Export failure when reserved char in group name.
1116109 - *0 error reported selecting domain or post office.
1117809 - Enable/disable of expire users disables Messenger sync settings UI.
1118166 - Unable to rename a remote user.
1118734 - HTTP Error 400 exporting with predefined filter.
1120168 - Delete fails with space in gateway alias name.
1121093 - LDAP and Admin services become non-responsive after several days.
1121628 - Admin service cores after clicking on user Mailbox button.
1123524 - D124 error reassigning archive directory.
1123753 - When available use full name rather than user ID when adding contacts.
1125490 - Trusted application error performing user mailbox operation from Admin console.
1127475 - UTF-8 chars display corrupted on SLES 15 installation.

Agents Bug Fixes:

909776 - Recurrence edit of "this instance forward" removes earlier instances of the recurrence series.
1106356 - MTA crash when GWAVA/SMG virus scan enabled.
1110401 - Shared tree subfolder fails to show for recipients.
1112804 - Possible POA core looking up error string.
1115489 - Prevent duplicate iCal sequence number fields.
1115952 - POA core on memory free.
1117914 - Return notification on message delay not honored.
1118374 - Hidden subect text following hard return.
1118938 - POA cores performing SOAP operation.
1123180 - GWIA core sending outbound recurring appointment edit under specific condition.
1127475 - UTF-8 chars display corrupted on SLES 15 installation.

Windows Client Bug Fixes:

509413 - Mistranslated strings in Message Status column.
937173 - Allowed filename length exceed on EML export on OES with very long subject.
988682 - Extended characters not displayed in subject and filename with send from Word.
995503 - Single Sign-On failure in mixed directory environment.
1006124 - Item list re-paint issue when viewing Mailbox as tasklist.
1007928 - Other Phone field not displayed in personal address book.
1015951 - Plain text reply on certain messages results in broken or empty message body.
1020468 - False positive phone number recognition with German.
1023178 - Folder state loss when returning from Proxy mode.
1025684 - Mail forward window is smaller than original.
1025943 - Inconsistent unread message icon for shared folders.
1028490 - Sort failure with 100 or more subfolders.
1029587 - Display incorrect with resource role types in GroupWise Address Book.
1032844 - Received email displays in RSS feeds panel.
1043194 - In-line .png files fail to display.
1049815 - D107 error dropping .eml file into shared folder.
1060447 - .ics creates blank calendar when empty RDATE headers present.
1062032 - Client crash on certain email.
1072330 - Calendar and contact scaling issues on super hi-res displays.
1074190 - D11B errors deleting folder containing 10,000 items.
1075523 - Folder tree sometimes not updated until client restart.
1076727 - D107 error while editing a shared calendar item.
1082078 - Crash dropping a contact on a new message.
1090705 - Client hangs opening specific email.
1095285 - Misleading message box prompt when removing TeamWorks root folder.
1097846 - HTML display incorrect for received TNEF 1096646 Findcontacts token failure reported.
1098644 - Opening a message can be too slow.
1104136 - Icon scaling issues on super hi-res displays.
1106318 - Small text with font scaling of 125% and higher.
1106571 - Truncated text on Main Windows Settings dialog in some langauges.
1109192 - D107 error on properties tab of a reply.
1110359 - Font scaling issues on super hi-res displays.
1111113 - Draft item lost under certain conditions.
1111567 - Incorrect HTML display.
1112350 - Toolbar buttons hidden until mouse-over.
1112446 - Crash after forcing item list in Main Window Settings.
1113584 - Emojis don't display with TeamWorks integration.
1113592 - Mailto links do not honor message body content.
1114055 - Unable to close PDF after message view.
1114073 - Delete button not active on quick viewer in certain conditions.
1114244 - Some message parts not displayed when discussion threading enabled.
1114384 - Open attachment fails with TeamWorks integration.
1114723 - Image from mal-formed MIME fails to display.
1114938 - Display name missing on right-click find operation in GroupWise Address Book.
1115035 - C3PO failure.
1115423 - Cannot edit message body during resend of item originally sent via GroupWise Mobility.
1115479 - Draft filter failure with conversation threading enabled.
1115487 - Invalid find results present.
1116565 - Imported .ics events display out-of-office events as free.
1116727 - Alphabet buttons in German address book fail.
1117048 - Reply format not honored.
1117694 - Share invites displays empty in quick viewer.
1117891 - Keyboard unusable for changing date of all-day event.
1118616 - QuickCorrect fails with conversation threading enabled.
1118813 - Large unnecessary caching downloads after online mode.
1118934 - Missing CC users when opening saved view.
1119169 - Replies to external recurring meetings aren't threaded.
1119208 - Fax can automatically become default dialing number.
1119312 - Name completion doesn't prioritize results with exact match.
1119391 - Unable to print TIF files.
1119463 - Open item sometimes very slow when Excel or Adobe running.
1120911 - Unable to view PDF files when Adobe not installed.
1121115 - Crash when dropping attachment from received mail to new compose window.
1121616 - Possible crash changing sort order of GroupWise Address Book.
1121623 - DO18 error during Single Sign-on Login under certain conditions.
1121623 - Login D108 error when Novell client installed but user not authenticated.
1121918 - Settings edit causes unnessecary folder re-read.
1122209 - Folder list missing folders under certain conditions.
1122421 - New contact menu fails when viewing find contacts results.
1122424 - Unable to mark a task complete from the quick viewer.
1122425 - Spell checker not available for inline replies with conversation threading enabled.
1122427 - Unable to move parent item to tasklist when viewing as tasklist and conversation threading enabled.
1122462 - Keyboard unusable for changing appointment start date.
1122771 - Paragraph mark appears after multi-line copy operation during reply.
1122773 - Copied contact entires do not display in find contacts results.
1122865 - Imported .ics creates normal folder instead of calendar when proxied.
1122949 - Unable to name complete on user ID.
1123092 - Recurring all-day events cross day boundaries.
1123204 - Crash creating new rules under certain condition.
1123419 - Text can be lost when items received while composing inline reply.
1123572 - Items missing after new item received with tasklist display and conversation threading enabled.
1123689 - PNG images fail to display on received TNEF formatted message.
1123917 - Hang while replying to specific email.
1124604 - Images may not display on messages originating from an iPhone send.
1125049, 1124604 - Images originating from an iPhone send missing from forwards and replies.
1125173 - HREF in HTML compose points to temporary location.
1125321 - Mailto does not display umlaut chars in HTML body.
1126127 - Copy message header fails on message received from the internet.
1126569 - Name completion doesn't prioritize results by first/last name sort order.
1126572 - Reply text lost with signed email with conversation threading enabled.
1126585 - Find search results missing under certain conditions.
1127501 - Compose screen gradient UI cleanup.
1127512 - NGW_HSZ_* internal field names display in all filter fields dialog.
1127727 - Find button inactive after opening new calendar window.
1127816 - Name completion doesn't prioritize secondary name matches.
1129061 - Umlauts lost when retrieving a Microsoft Word document into message body during compose.

WebAccess Bug Fixes:

1119279 - Attachment truncation with GWAVA WASP integration.