GroupWise 18.2 SP1 Bug Fix List

Security Fixes:

1156003 - Security update-Install latest Microsoft VC++ downloads to address CVE-2010-3190 Untrusted search path vulnerability.
1160108 - SMTP bad passwords not recognized as intruder detection.
1160818 - Response time variation between invalid user and password can be used to determine valid users on a system.
1165155 - Proxy user can see appointment attendees on meetings marked private when opened from the month calendar.
Updated to JDK 11.0.6 to address CVE-2020-2655 JSSE Client Authentication Bypass

GW Web Security Fixes:

Updated dompurify library to address Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities: and
Updated https-proxy-agent library to address Machine-In-The-Middle vulnerability
Updated handlebars library to address Arbitrary Code Execution vulnerabilities: and
Updated handlebars library to address Prototype Pollution vulnerability
Updated handlebars library to address Denial of Service vulnerability

Admin Bug Fixes:

1146177 - Non-supported search attributes do not return valid LDAP errors on search.
1157781 - Update Brasilia timezone definintion with DST change.
1162154 - Remove obsolete MIME encoding option.

Agents Bug Fixes:

1130359 - SMTP error when max size is exceeded.
1133436 - SNMP failure on SLES 15.
1152838 - GW Check misc option "subjectlist" does not return results.
1154428 - Available disk space is sometimes incorrectly reported.
1154649 - Deleting an appointment creates two tasks when using Microsoft Outlook as IMAP client.
1157050 - Crash in SOAP provider.
1159960 - Last login time updated during GWAVA retain archive when archive mark option enabled.
1162371 - Illegal character error reported in GWAVA Retain logs during GW archive.

Windows Client Bug Fixes:

1009135 - Message body format incorrect on some replies.
1019443 - Custom View is adding "from" field into the template.
1027863 - Added support for Item edit in conversation threading.
1034651 - Vacation rule compose missing scroll bar in German.
1036663 - Copy and Paste inserts paragraph symbols "¶".
1048490 - Move text failure after switching to plain text reply.
1052824 - Duplicate Appointment inherit original expiration date.
1057607 - Changing folder sort order does not preserve item selection.
1061570 - Changing personal appointment to recurring meeting request loses instances.
1064828 - Extended characters missing when replying to plain text email.
1072419 - Name completion fails on paste.
1081472 - Messenger status not showing in address book search results.
1088750 - Conversation threading missing rule-triggered reply item.
1095894 - Appointment edit overwrites original location field text.
1100274 - Replying to an archived conversation thread posts a message to the inbox.
1107199 - Add/edit signature should be hidden when signature is disabled.
1112281 - Unable to display messages from veeam-office365 backup systems..
1112563 - Emojis in subject line display as black boxes.
1113314 - Message attachment size displays with wrong delimiter in some locales.
1114852 - Unable to add admin defined fields as column to address book.
1115421 - Added built-in unread filter.
1115871 - Crash opening client with single sign-on.
1117099 - Conversation thread missing items in trash.
1118403 - Non-breaking space displays as " " in message preview.
1119250 - D107 error opening search result folder.
1120387 - Saved search folder doesn't display checked folders in proxy.
1121487 - Too many lines between end of message and global signature.
1132483 - Back slashes added when quotation marks used in Teamworks integration.
1134664 - Added support for auto capitalization during compose.
1136965 - All-day recurring event quick-info date range display is missing a space on mouse hover.
1138854 - Address book search support for wild cards.
1140143 - Recurrence menu size wrong at high resolution.
1140924 - Unable to see or scroll to hidden items on month calendar.
1141612 - Unable to open message from Notify when in shared folder.
1143559 - Editing columns in caching mode replaces RetainArchived column.
1143715 - Zero byte attachment with signature vCard enabled but no vCard selected.
1144712 - Quick filter lost after switching to calendar folder.
1145079 - Background color not visible with HTML table.
1148281 - Plain text message print missing font option.
1148838 - Teamworks private rooms display as public.
1149758 - Extra space in Attachment right-click menu.
1149782 - Truncated text in Navigation bar.
1151897 - Find results missing expand/collapse control for external accounts.
1152953 - Hang moving items to folder.
1153319 - Missing search results doing a find from address book.
1153574 - Crash printing.
1153949 - System groups missing from AB tree pane .
1155182 - F030 empty parentheses error when '+' entered in quick filter.
1155443 - Crash after reading item with PDF attachment.
1156573 - Delete and empty action on a conversation leaves some of the thread in the trash.
1156891 - Missing appointments in multi-user calendar.
1157395 - Unable to select file attachment using Filr integration.
1157472 - Crash searching document library.
1157945 - CZ chars display incorrectly in message preview..
1158177 - Shared address book always shows recipient status as accepted.
1158409 - XML file association ignored.
1158412 - Address books without groups appear duplicated in address book tree.
1158794 - Unable to open URL when 64 bit Firefox is default browser.
1158825 - Crash in address book after dragging scroll bar to bottom.
1158949 - Name completion fails on cross-post office shared address books.
1158956 - Blank line at bottom of mailbox after deleting messages with show group labels enabled.
1159042 - Cannot import meetings created using Zoom Desktop Client.
1159050 - Display issue when "Show Group Labels" enabled.
1159089 - Time not displayed for flagged emails in Sent Items folder.
1159300 - API Token ItemSetText() fails.
1159302 - Allow leading wildcard in name completion.
1159388 - Auto capitalization failure composing plain text message.
1159428 - Unable to post after changing the due date on because the item state isn't detected as modified.
1159504 - Performance improvement when using wild cards in name completion control.
1159783 - Background color, picture and text fail to print.
1160005 - Unable to view MSG files.
1160016 - Rule forwarded items delivery failure with preferred ID under certain conditions.
1160240 - "Send Display Settings" attachment uses wrong icon.
1160539 - Word duplicated after end of sentence in plain text compose message body.
1160602 - Word after period duplicates in subject.
1160810 - Mail opens with wrong encoding on certain messages.
1161129 - Contacts folder is incorrectly allowed as the target of a move folder operation.
1161210 - Editing an imported .ics appointment changes the appointment duration.
1161590 - D107 error attempting to drag contacts folder to personal group.
1161878 - Unable to connect to Vibe when protocol restricted to TLS v1.2.
1162362 - Shared sub calendars no longer displayed in multi-user calendar.
1162364 - Deleting items in quick preview can incorrectly cause all items to be selected.
1163255 - Auto capitalization wrongly occurs after a date.

WebAccess Bug Fixes:

1143073 - Add manual refresh option.
1153672 - Unable to view TXT files.