GroupWise 18.4 Bug Fix List

Security Fixes

Apache Log4J was updated to version 2.17.1 to resolve vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 with a CVSS score 9.3. See description at
Eclipse Jetty Webapp was updated to version 9.4.44.v20210927 to resolve vulnerability CVE-2021-28165 with a CVSS score of 7.8. See description at
Apache Batik was updated to version 1.14 to resolve vulnerability CVE-2018-8013 with a CVSS score of 7.5. See description at
OWASP JAVA-HTML-SANATIZER was updated to version 20211018.2 to resolve vulnerability CVE-2021-42575 with a CVSS score of 7.5. See description at
SLF4J-API was updated to version 1.7.32 to resolve vulnerability CVE-2018-8088 with a CVSS score of 7/5. See description at

GW Web Security Fixes

No issues reported

Admin Bug Fixes

39225 - Populate full name attribute to make it available to Messenger
39512 - Email publishing to Active Directory fails when container name includes a forward slash
39569 - Useless error message when associating Messenger users to GroupWise users
42625 - Admin screen blank after Advanced Authentication session timeout
99943 - Image not displayed when editing global signature or template signature
1173274 - LDAP service cannot be started on a clustered MTA
1173752 - POA name exceeding 8 chars causes password change failure
1173693 - Proxy settings change under mailbox management randomly throws error
Enhancement - Categories support for Mailbox Management

Agents Bug Fixes

39518 - DVA Clean up artifacts from prior versions
75055 - Engine Performance improvement on quick finder wildcard match
47526 - GW Web, POA Performance improvements
141548 - GWCheck Add new misc option
40613 - GWIA ORCPT handling not RFC compliant
1173502 - GWIA Perform new MX lookup on deferred messages after restart
1173523 - GWIA Pieces of message dropped on received messages with TNEF format
95591 - GWMonitor Fails to function on builds newer than 136942
50006 - GWTMSTMP Segmentation fault
39736 - MTA No undeliverable message under certain circumstances
42753 - MTA Transport address resolution error when binding to primary and multiple secondary ip addresses
42793 - POA SOAP connections frequently max out
45643 - POA Log why MTP receive closed
45648 - POA Remove obsolete .pid file
75030 - POA Crash on openLDAP assertions
1173061 - POA One user database rebuilds daily

Windows Client Bug Fixes

39379 - Client Conversation threading not behaving as expected when parent missing
39441 - Client LDAP address book column display
39442 - Client Crash, database corruption when adding item to checklist while filtering mailbox
39461 - Client Recipient edit and signature icon overlaps with conversation threading
39463 - Client Mark all read failure on multiple selected conversations
39467 - Client Multiple draft versions saved during compose
39496 - Client Font sizes too small. Add zoom level control for accessibility
39576 - Client Unable to login to caching after directory password changed and enrolled in Advanced Authentication
39604 - Client Formatting not retained after copy-n-paste from 1 email to another.
39617 - Client DE-Mail address options not displayed
39620 - Client Formatting not retained pasting from clipboard
39642 - Client Item list shows display overlap when scrolling with message preview enabled
39679 - Client Truncated text in Hungarian tools->options
39695 - Client New mail notification badge missing for shared folders
39701 - Client Filr space restrictions ignored
39702 - Client Print with associated application gives error
39706 - Client Client goes nonresponsive several times each day
39737 - Client Discussion thread view won't populate mail contents
39800 - Client Draft item moved to trash after send when smart purge retention enabled
40235 - Client Add support for Advanced Authentication to Filr
40445 - Client Attachment fails to upload to Filr when sent immediately after save as draft
40468 - Client Reply to encrypted message shows blank reply with conversation threading
40473 - Client No longer possible to copy contact and paste to other address book
40492 - Client Display problem with inline drafts after switching between messages when QuickViewer smart sizing enabled
40531 - Client Attachment mouse over displays wrong info
40840 - Client Cool solutions URL not current
42470 - Client Dragging mail Filr attachment to desktop will not open file
42472 - Client Remove FAX and Pager from AB column defaults
42474 - Client Inconsistent toolbar with sent item in conversation thread
42476 - Client Improve accessibility of read previous, read next arrows
42477 - Client Mailbox scrolls to oldest item in list after enabling conversation threading
42482 - Client Scrolling fails on certain items with conversation threading
42626 - Client Unable to do mail merge with users only in cc/bc fields
42648 - Client Multi-user calendar names not updated after user or resource is renamed
42755 - Client Meetings forwarded from Exchange appear to come from the organizer instead of the user that forwarded the meeting
42757 - Client Accept with options from calendar view not working
42790 - Client Confidential email classification not working with HTML
46608 - Client Message with href and button link not working
47482 - Client Crash using slider controls for delayed delivery and setting default busy search times
47497 - Client Reply box opens fully expanded on certain conversations
49003 - Client Draft item not removed after send
49014 - Client Certain messages with deep reply thread displays body as hidden
51004 - Client Custom PDF fails to send
64004 - Client Crash when proxied and conversation threading enabled
70006 - Client Incorrect password error returned on timeout to Advanced Authentication server
76051 - Client Display problem with certain thread after adding user to the conversation
79033 - Client A file without an extension is created when dragging a message without a subject to the desktop
80005 - Client Save attachment as PDF
80015 - Client Truncated text in address book filter drop down
81004 - Client 8101 Mem error in POA when client tried to load image into the HTML with an empty E_READ_FILTER
81017 - Client Crash printing contacts from inside LDAP address book
81037 - Client Crash when pasting Cyrillic char in To/CC/BCC field
81971 - Client Crash when proxied with filter on
1173602 - Client Attachment not visible on certain EML file
1173898 - Client Unable to log out of Vibe without deleting the folder and exiting the client
1173875 - Client Display Issue with recurring appointment
95627 - Client Unable to retrieve recipient certificate from LDAP address book with SSL enabled
1173722 - Client Horizontal line artifacts after clicking in calendar area with text display
95671 - Client Find doesn't function on properties page
1173873 - Client Crash opening specific email
1173423 - Client Display issue with group membership after selecting groups on contacts tab with QuickViewer enabled
1173650 - Client Advanced security options greyed out on compose send options
1173864 - Client Tab navigation skips message body
95657 - Client Unable to change username, password credentials for Filr integrations
141443 - Client Unexpected results using multiple time zones
141297 - Client Add informative error in caching mode when Advanced Authentication could not be validated by POA
1173765 - Client Doing a find on Asian characters fails
1173615 - Client Hang performing search in caching mode
95673 - Client Improve filter performance in caching mode
1173424 - Client Contact window loses focus after quick info shows up
1173660 - Client Changing priority on personal appointment converts to routed item
1173625 - Client Focus not set to HTML body after open
1173510 - Client Crash during search
1173593 - Client Crash proxied to a resource
1173512 - Client Freeze trying to open certain .eml
1173456 - Client Issue decoding quoted printable HTML
1173445 - Client Certain messages show as blank
1080754 - Client Double file names listed in top level Filr folder
113055 - Arrow for options (slide out) is no longer present on replies when Conversation Threading is turned off.
70005 - When the subject line contains bold characters, they are still displayed as bold when the item is opened.

GW Web Bug Fixes

72013 - GW Web Delay auto refresh when pending filter request in progress
39808 - GW Web fails to start if a domain or PO name has space.
40621 - Web-config utility always uses port :7191 for the upstream default server address
42629 - Container not loading and error invalid number of arguments in "upstream" directive
42735 - High upstream ports report communication error
42792 - GW Web scroll skips months of messages
46632 - GW Web GroupWise Web - Draft Items duplicating
47552 - GW Web GWWeb Quick Reply feature - obviously bug
Increase the size of buttons in the compose dialog's toolbar