GroupWise 18.4.1 Bug Fix List

Security Fixes

414141 Update to OpenSSL 1.1.1n
436275 Update to JDK
452205 Update Jetty to 9.4.46
398364 Cross-site scripting vulnerability in MTA Web Console
439016 Possible phishing attack caused by URL target accessed on mouse-over

GW Web Security Fixes

Updated 3rd-party libraries for associated security fixes.

Admin Bug Fixes

400046 Unable to edit signature with mailbox management when domain or post office name includes a space
436023 Unable to browse local file system from admin service
448040 Admin console login error with extended characters in password
451173 Unable to edit or delete group with forward slash in name
451231 MMC plugin unable to connect to admin service with TLSv1.2
456041 Admin service status shows as dead after starting in a cluster
456043 Admin service start returns error even when successful and status shown as dead

Agents Bug Fixes

397415 TNEF Meeting request not adjusting for time zone
413162 GWIA does not honor correct outbound size limit
397385 Appointments with Umlaut character display incorrectly in IMAP clients
402014 Recipients selected from Public LDAP directly replaced with system address book user
413023 Unexpected result with /fut and relay configured
257304 Agents fail to auto-start on server reboot
413115 IMAP search fails when search string contains extended characters
414067 GWHA failures on SLES15
376017 Message queues backed up due to excessive recurrence status messages
436079 Agent console login failure when internal port configured as SSL required
437244 SOAP process restart failure
436148 Restart fails when NSS already started
439039 POA crash during SOAP process restart
452021 POA crash on low memory
384034 Last login time not updated with SOAP login
474030 Error logging in to agent Web consoles with Advanced Authentication enabled

Windows Client Bug Fixes

412199 Unable to connect to POP/IMAP with SSL
396501 Auto refresh not working for one user
400032 Inserted email Image with Polish characters not visible
398540 Unable to fallback to IPv4 when IPv6 incorrectly configured
396544 Error saving contact with hyphen in company name
396587 Hyperlink not working in plain text
402031 Crash on mal-formed .eml
409002 Crash in spell check
335362 Notification bar missing with specific monitor configuration
417011 Embedded webp image not visible
413174 Sub-calender items missing color in discussion thread view
413198 Unable to edit/delete certain appointments in own multi-user calendar
414174 Hang occurring with multiple active proxy calendars
437048 Find failure when only sent items folder selected
437080 Newly added frequent folders in caching mode missing after restart
424029 Exit after saving multiple multi-attachment messages
437212 Font change after inserting emoji in message body
445007 Crash viewing search results folder after viewing calendar when message preview enabled
453202 Emoji not displayed in subject
462039 Unable to import CER format certificates
456067 Unable to remove show-in-task-list on item type task
478002 Crash opening previously exported .eml
472012 Cursor jumps and selects text after setting signature

GW Web Bug Fixes

408009 Unable to change a password on LDAP-enabled users
396601 Out of Office rule breaks formatting of original text
437140 Shared Folder Functionality in GWWEB is disfunctional
437133 Critical defect involving Data Loss: GWWEB and Shared Folders
447046 Toolbars: Show both "read/unread" options for multiple item selection
436273 Creating a task does not line wrap when created in Portuguese