GroupWise 18.4.2 Bug Fix List

Release Date: December 6, 2022

This release includes the following fixes:

If you have questions about any of the fixes listed below, contact Micro Focus Support.

Security Fixes

The following security fixes were made in GroupWise 18.4.2:

GroupWise Web and the Post Office Agent - Security Fixes

602008 - CVE-2022-38756: A vulnerability has been identified in Micro Focus GroupWise Web in versions prior to 18.4.2. The GroupWise Web component makes a request to the Post Office Agent that contains sensitive information in the query parameters that could be logged by any intervening HTTP proxies.

GroupWise Windows Client - Security Fixes

We have updated Microsoft WebView2 to the latest version,, to resolve multiple CVE reports scored as critical and high and which are described in the National Vulnerability Database.

Agents - Security Fixes

We have updated the following software libraries to the latest versions indicated below to resolve CVEs reported as critical and/or high in the National Vulnerability Database.

Other Bug Fixes

The following other bug fixes were made in GroupWise 18.4.2:

Admin Bug Fixes

452257 - Increase max limit of objects returned from an LDAP query to 4000
478291 - System admin not able to authenticate to POA HTTP console from Admin interface
489253 - Admin service running but status displays as dead in clustered environment
582089 - Unable to administrate a group that contains '/' in the name
600045 - Certificate error reported when modifying an LDAP Server

Agents Bug Fixes

239173 - External messages with x-spam-flag header not delivered into junkmail folder
376017 - Undeliverd messages due to slow processing of large quantity of status messages
517085 - Performance degrades with high memory cache utilization
525042 - Crash de-referencing a null pointer
528012 - SOAP returns bad data in getFolderListResponse
564001 - Slow client/server performance during QuickFinder indexing
581144 - Crash selecting IMAP SSL Sessions from web console
582317 - Crash during cross post office retract or delete of recurring appointment

155023 - Restart unsuccessful after TCP failure
507019 - Random crashes
564023 - Unable to continue processing when 0 byte file encountered in queue

412020 - "NOT SEEN" filter causes IMAP search results failure
452113 - UIDPLUS is now included in the IMAP CAPABLIITY response
507019 - Random crashes
517025 - Attachment name on inbound message corrupted when delivered to client
539023 - Added ability to disable alternate from address handling
545068 - Inbound message incorrectly delivered to group under certain scenario
554040 - GWIA crash processing status.xml file
569081 - Relay fails with known iDomain when not local
590064 - Not all ports listening after auto restart

Windows Client Bug Fixes

350003 - Inline PDF attachments not showing in plain text email
397424 - Notify unable to load when subscribed to user that no longer exists
397604 - Bad link for email attachment with Filr integration
436132 - Shared folder indicator badge missing
437212 - Font changes after adding emoji to message body
452061 - Canceled message displays userID instead of surname when given name is blank
453016 - Missing user on reply-to when conversation threading enabled
462019 - D107 error when changing from field on a draft
464008 - Crash in libssl with a particular cipher
470030 - Folder display settings lost after crash
474059 - Unable to see or delete personal appointments posted through proxy
477036 - Missing menus when Document Management Interface disabled
477292 - Calendar items in shared calendar display incorrect color when proxied
478021 - Emoji color missing after opening an exported .eml file
478096 - Folder icon displayed in properties dialog displays incorrect type
479014 - Meeting creation in shared calendar creates a duplicate appointment in caching
479024 - Crash when deleting appointments from a shared calendar
481003 - Incorrect user displayed in From field in nested email
506103 - Tasks not shown in view when Calendar Day View set to show tasks and appointments
506166 - Edit not available after owner removes self as recipient
513133 - Message body missing when message begins with "\\"
513155 - Contacts not sorted correctly with more than 500 in a PAB
513220 - Attachment not visible with conversation threading enabled
513256 - Unable to open personal appointment after setting 'show in tasklist'
521092 - Unable to open link in message
521161 - Reply to external message undeliverable when Alternate Address used in From field
521190 - P7S attachment types not displayed in attachment control
523056 - External users in system group show as internal iDomain
535038 - No error displayed when saving attachment and UNC path too long
545005 - Slow performance with shared calendars with proxy
546017 - Disable emoji insertion for common char sequences of "B)", "m)" and "8)"
549004 - Long address format used in outbound external email with alternate from addressing enabled
565107 - Slow performance scrolling calendar
568028 - Shared folder items not marked as read in caching
580047 - Notify reports memory error when listing subscribed users that no longer exist

GroupWise Web Bug Fixes

127035 - INTL: GroupWise Web - bug in calendar view in Czech Language
412026 - Wrong caption in calendar item tooltip in GroupWise Web 18.4.0
474279 - Provide download option for the Mime.822 attachment
477263 - Usability improvement: Place the Move button in the preview pane toolbar instead of the dropdown men
507089 - Drag-and-drop of Mail items did not work in GroupWise Web if the folder was given a customized color in the GroupWise Client.
513250 - GroupWise Web unknown login in error if LDAP source is down
527087 - Custom fields are deleted in appointments
538010 - Copy of Text gone in email created in GroupWise Web when reading in the Apple mail client