GroupWise 18 SP1 Bug Fix List

Security Fixes:

85201D 'Ropemaker' - Remote CSS allowed if user ignores or has disabled warning for HTML external images.
1072729 'Mailsploit' - nulls in b64 and quoted printable encoding can truncate sender information received from external user.
1081183 GW client users with configured IMAP accounts may see IMAP headers from another user after running GWCheck.
jackson-databind was updated to version 2.8.11;see:
JRE was updated to version 8u162; see:
OpenSSL was updated to version 1.0.2n; see:

Windows Client Bug Fixes:

938411 - Deleting a folder while proxied causes orphaned items.
985716 - Category name should display in column when item has only one category.
989005 - Change the 'Reply' button label to 'Posted Reply' to reflect the behavior of the action in a shared folder.
992791 - Item list repaint problems when scrolling horizontally.
994069 - Slow performance forwarding or replying to an e-mail containing a table.
997685 - Unread email opened from panel view switches focus back to main window.
1020692 - Use Adobe PDF reader by default when available, and remember "print with associated application" setting.
1025840 - Transfer delayed status shown even after successful delivery.
1030370 - Imported iCal appointment improperly changed after inviting additional attendees.
1031539 - Duplicated subject and address sending saved views.
1042500 - Open Next skips messages with C3PO running.
1047439 - Comma not used as email address separator when pasting email addresses into name completion.
1049889 - Screen may continuously refresh when accessing a proxy account.
1059712 - Duplicated message body when sending saved views.
1062623 - Crash during file open dialog under certain conditions when running in terminal server.
1063324 - Unable to change end time of a recurring instance by dragging the bottom edge of appointment in the calendar.
1063907 - Global signature inserted into middle of message body instead of bottom.
1064885 - Not all folders are displayed with more than 4033 folders.
1065713 - Stack overflow crash on specific email.
1066234 - Disk space size is displayed incorrectly in caching mode.
1066918 - Caching mailbox synchronization skips data after a daylight savings time change.
1067274 - Caching mode can unnecessarily trigger large downloads under certain conditions.
1070186 - Default dialer not recognized.
1072756 - Received external messages may not properly display with correct column width and alignment.
1073143 - External CC users are dropped doing a reply to all with conversation threading enabled.
1073321 - Mobile phone numbers are displayed in system address book even when not configured as an available field at the domain.
1073857 - Changing the Filr server URL in the administration console isn't reflected in the client.
1074193 - New threaded messages incorrectly marked read when the client is left open while the user's away.
1074486 - Formatting toolbar missing when creating a signature.
1074520 - Sending a saved draft moves the sent item into the trash with conversation threading enabled.
1074547 - Crash when dragging a calendar entry from the month view to the desktop.
1074555 - Sorting by category creates multiple group labels with the same category name.
1074558 - Support PDF format when dragging an item from the month view to the desktop.
1074570 - Crash when changing an item type.
1074695 - Search results are returned collapsed and an errant message that there were no results is shown when multiple sources are searched.
1075429 - Support image names that have hard hyphens in the name.
1075676 - Prevent the welcome screen from displaying at startup except for first time.
1075840 - Unable to delete folder with more than 4033 folders.
1076055 - Possible crash on startup with recurring appointment in mailbox.
1076176 - White text color with white background isn't visible with conversation threading enabled.
1076562 - Read Next, Read Previous actions not working correctly with filtered results when conversation threading enabled.
1077106 - Cannot accept 'propose new time' requests with conversation threading enabled.
1077221 - Unrelated mail sometimes included in a conversation thread.
1077288 - Possible hang while editing recipients with conversation threading enabled.
1077459 - A user can be shown as both added and removed when replying to a conversation.
1077618 - If an email address value is not set, a contact entry shows as blank in the address book selector when replying to all.
1078217 - Self registration email not sent when internal recipient does not have a Filr account.
1078556 - Appointments with replies aren't marked read from the quick viewer with conversation threading enabled.
1078611 - Unread item indicator shown when duplicate hidden items exist in a conversation thread.
1078767 - C3PO SwitchToHtmlView not working as expected.

WebAccess Bug Fixes:

975613 - Moving a recurring appointment creates a copy rather than a move of an appointment instance.
1042974 - Unable to open appointment on published calendar.
1044251 - Unable to send files with '&' char in filename.
1048677 - Auto-save during an appointment edit purges the appointment.
1057308 - Deleted date column value shown as 'undefined' in search results for items in the trash.
1063277 - Allow blocking specific client connections based on user-agent string.
1065330 - Published calendar appointment tool-tip shows incorrect date/time during mouse over.
1068550 - Delete prompt not consistent with the Windows client.
1069736 - Unable to purge draft messages when client option "Do not purge items until they are backed up" is set.
1074705 - Messages sent from Windows Snipping Tool don't display correctly.
1077668 - Unable to obtain a heap dump.
1078550 - Service unavailable after restarting server.
V185384 - Install not setting file permissions for logs, temp and users directories causing send and other operations to fail.

Agents Bug Fixes:

800171 - Published appointments are not working with 3rd party applications.
978673 - route.cfg info not logged.
1031582 - snmpwalk command not returning all expected information.
1033935 - Error message not triggering mail to be sent to administrator although configured.
1037514 - 450 host down reported and outgoing message deferred on an incomplete domain name.
1051999 - Automated messages not received in user's default language after GMS and GSoap clients connect to POA.
1065402 - Rare POA crash reading month items.
1067936 - POA crash on race condition during login when LDAP server pool modified.
1070179 - Client auto-refresh fails after running for several days.
1070201 - POA race condition during login.
1070650 - Secure Messaging Gateway (GWAVA) integration fails.
1071829 - TNEF formatted meeting requests from external systems not recognized as appointments.
1072220 - GWIA crash on long malformed NNTP_THREAD header.
1074017 - IMAP append does not use current date and time when optional date-time field isn't supplied.
1074489 - Signature images lost on auto-replies.
1074667 - POA crash on null pointer.
1075316 - Part of the subject can be truncated when it contains UTF-8 encoded text.
1075371 - External replies can cause POA error C067 and fail to deliver under certain conditions.
1077046 - F0BC error during index operation.
1077474 - GWCheck misc option catchupqf is not indexing attachments when run from standalone GWCheck.

Admin Bug Fixes:

837062 - Moving a window causes it to disappear.
909272 - Pending operations persist after creating secondary domain.
966144 - External users are not filtered from Group Admin list selector.
976013 - Error "attempt to access control feature denied" editing clean-up options.
992288 - Error reported creating a new domain even though successful.
993554 - Object class not returned for alias and nicknames from LDAP; support added for alias lookups.
1011788 - DST information for Montevideo is no longer valid and should be removed.
1041488 - POA console not identified as read-only.
1062413 - Group administration rights aren't honored until client restarted.
1067070 - Removing user's name isn't reflected in a group.
1069600 - Admin service crash on edit of PO path.
1072753 - Unable to create an external domain in a clustered environment.
1076198 - Unable to save allowed address format override when no address formats selected.
1076441 - MTA sync was not reporting certificate validation failures.
B116948 - Batch provisioning of GroupWise users into Messenger is not setting the LDAP DN.

Install Bug Fixes:

862469 - MMC plugin documentation button fails to launch documentation.
1029594 - WebAccess not working after SLES 12 install.
1037200 - Install.bat error during .Net installation when using /unattended and /silent switches for client installation.
1074637 - Files missing for client setupip install.
1077302 - WMS package included in image but not used in client installation.
1078079 - WebAccess installation is not creating self signed certificate for Apache causing blank login screen after install.
1080850 - setup.cfg does not recognize the version in client silent install.

Monitor Bug Fixes:

1069293 Error trying to browse to monitor agent with in-memory certificate.