GroupWise Mobility Service 18.1 SP1 Bug Fix List

Bug Fixes:

1113312 - Fixed modifying appointments with extended characters.
1117398 - GMS install will work on SLES 12/15 installed with any language.
1119112 - Fixed modifying appointments with extended characters.
1119418 - For proxy calendars, ensure private appointment details do not show on device. Handle proxy right changes for owner.
1119742 - Fixed issue where Work in Progress items are saved to trash folder many times.
1119998 - Asus device shows correctly in Dashboard.
1123246 - During install, log details to help troubleshoot.
1127398 - GMS Install Issue - ImportError: No module named superxml.
1127914 - Some attachments were appearing two times in an email.
1128718 - Fixed problem injected timezone into appointment that has extended characters.
1130543 - Changes to Postgres settings to improve performance.
1131938 - Handle device days to sync requests that are different for each folder.
Simplified installation by using SLES libraries.