GroupWise Mobility Service 18.3 SP2 Bug Fix List

Bug Fixes:

215152 - GMS users with no devices connected won't be automatically deleted upon removal from GW system.
231051 - GMS18.3.1 seems to behave differently than GMS18.3.0 , with regard to certificate verification causing devices not to trust the server.
234015 - searching GAL from device not working if a user in the result has a photo
75067 - Issue with synchronization share address books in GMS
228063 - Autodiscovery fails to redirect to second or slave GMS server.
228010 - All Day appointments sync between devices in a shared, proxy or normal user calendar, to the day before the actual appointment date
42438 - Bug 854955 Appointments lose attachments when edited on the device
131031 - Issue with devices that create a large number of requests and fill up the requests directory.