GroupWise Mobility Service 18.4 Bug Fix List

Bug Fixes:

248041 - GMS to iPhone mail fails on messages with encoding ISO-8859-2 (Latin2).
322022 - In GMS 18.3.2 user's email stopped syncing to phone.
325012 - The validateGroupWiseAdmin utility fails to store the license (Traceback errors).
324003 - All Day appointments display incorrectly on a device over a period of days.
397375 - GroupWise Mobility Device Sync Agent keeps crashing - python cores.
398494 - If the gwadminservice and POA are unreachable for an extended period of time, all users are deleted during a poll cycle.
398367 - GMS, Contacts syncing to "Frequent Contacts" when this address book is excluded from sync.
Various localization fixes in the web admin Dashboard.