GroupWise Mobility Service 18.4 SP1 Bug Fix List

Bug Fixes:

397421 - Cannot save on the Webadmin | Config | Device page
409029 - Clear alert button is not visible in the Dashboard when the browser is set to German
406001 - MCHECK reinit user does not seem to be working
40637 - Appointment message body visible in the mobility-agent.log when logging at the debug level
414128 - Update to Django 3.2.12
430001 - Dashboard Going Blank in GMS
437071 - Truncation occurs following the "-" character in a domain name
423001 - Generate an alert when a python update causes problems with sending email from a device
448050 - Appointments created in Outlook are not created in GroupWise
448037 - Dashboard - Details - Users count not showing total users during startup
46626 - GMS, Dashboard numbers not accurate
451161 - Fix group provisioning so that users removed/added to groups works consistently
448018 - GMS 18.4 Omits full Reply to message received on phone
467004 - Appointments with attachments created in the GWClient don't get attachments on devices
Various localization fixes in the web admin Dashboard