GroupWise Mobilty Service 18.4 SP2 Bug Fix List

The following issues were fixed in this release:

  42448 - As owner, moving a contact from a share to non-share book does not work
112068 - Personal Reminder Note & Notes Message Body modifications do not sync or show in the GroupWise Client
443083 - Change the way all-day appointments are synced from device to GroupWise
446052 - Retry if Install GroupWise Admin Service Certificate Verification fails
506014 - GAL table entry is not properly updated when visibility is set to None
507020 - mcheck - Check user prompt to re-initialize appears on the next line
507021 - mcheck - some operations cause entry in mcheckProblems.log
513163 - Boxer app generating traceback during a forward email function
516060 - Issues with .eml attachments having slow load times
521204 - Users were deleted after GroupWise Mobility Service upgrade
554037 - Email problems with EML attachments when user replies or forwards them from Apple devices
569105 - Updated Mobility Service from 18.3.2 to 18.4 and now the syncengine will not load
580087 - Users added via a group end up with wrong userID
581026 - Email from device not sent to all recipients
590001 - Security Questions prompted on Android devices after initial account setup
592028 - A group membership change is not reflected in GMS
603031 - Side effect of removing base64 encoding from EML files
607040 - Upgrade to Django 3.2.16