Messenger 18.1 SP1 Bug Fix List

Security Fixes:

B-130590 - Updated OpenSSL for Linux and Windows to 1.1.1b and updated libcurl to be built against OpenSSL 1.1.1b.
Changed AutoUpdater (nmau.exe) temp cert bit length from 512 to 1024 to support OpenSSL 1.1.1.
Fixed code that was allowing users to login even if their eDirectory password had expired.

Bug Fixes:

B-128747 - Fixed Product Info initial delay and repeat interval bit loss.
B-130559 - Updated installer to check for legacy packages and module if sles15.
B-130660 - Disabled cluster configuration.
B-130696 - Fixed agent engine to return proper detail fields; added code to client to check for details properly.
B-130697 - Updated copyright strings, including default download page copyright date.
Changed text in Startup file templates to be GroupWise Messenger 18.
D-89990 - Disable proxy awareness in internal http connection code.
D-89990 - Don't overwrite ports if they already exist during configuration.
D-91392 - Make email address a single-value attribute.
D-91567 - Fixed client handling of autoreply events during archive searches.
Fixed queries that included unmatched single-quotes.
Fixed user sema4 lock issue.
If a contact list is requested from a client, have the MA check it before returning.


Added expanded logging for arcmigrate.
Added verbose logging statement if telemetry fails to send.
B-127607, B-127608 - Updated build, image, and MARS to use AdoptOpenJDK 11.
B-127608 - Updated Linux client to use AdoptOpenJDK 11.
B-127608 - Updated MAC client to use AdoptOpenJDK 11.
Increased diagnostic logging for new connections to show address.
Increased diagnostic logging for syncs to show records processed.
Updated DB version to 3.3.21.
Updated manual provisioning switches in ldaplist.
Updated version to 18.1.1.