Messenger 18.2 SP1 Bug Fix List

Security Fixes:

Updated JREs to AdoptOpenJDK 11.0.6+10.
Removed possible XSS reflection from MA WebConsole.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed maft operations when client download disabled.
Make sure generated file name for maft operations is null-terminated.
Fixed Windows Client Korean and Norwegian help paths.
D-94577 - Changed last login update to be a document write instead of a query update.
Prevent admins from re-installing the equal version of arango in the installer script.
Use smart logic for handling case in queries.
Changed index create code to ignore index already exists return code.
Added defobjs error handler if invalid indices are encountered.


Added chkconn ldap check option.
Added trust dialog to Java clients for file transfer.
B-138869: Added second directory GUID attribute for use in authentication and syncing.
Expand ldaplist duplicate GUID check to include duplicate DNs.
Added ldaplist option to find and remove duplicate users.