Messenger 18 SP1 Bug Fix List

Security Fixes:

Updated OpenSSL for Linux and Windows 32bit to 1.0.2n and updated libcurl to be built against OpenSSL 1.0.2n

Bug Fixes:

1074535 - Fixed issue with multiple CNs in user processing during migration.
1074535 - Fixed type differences with eDir Login disabled variable.
1074535 - GroupWise Sync issue: Fixed issue with pointer movement, if text existed at the top of the cert file, before the cert block
1074535 - No MV attributes for info display or names.
B-117219 - Added client code to return formulated ID with default host and userID if there is no infodisplay email address, for presence integration.
B-117219 - Handle dotted and DNs during lookup user: only if the DN matches the LDAP DN stored in the user record.
B-117277 - Updated nmerrors.txt file.
B-117504 - Updated ldapimport and migrator to cache cursor results into manageable blocks and to handle data not ready warnings.
B-117551 - Changed client memory map back to NovellMessengerMap, so that the GW client can find it.
B-117552 - Create a simulated DN, for older, text-protocol clients (including pidgin).
Corrected NPNS fields to be backwards compatible for old protocol engines.
D-85913 - Don't refresh the repos during the query of installed packages.
Fixed json parsing of event files, so that all fields were handled.
Fixed memory leak in SmplGetContacts and 3 others.
If gwm_ldap_dn is missing from the user's record, skip that bind and try the GW fields instead.
Return more-specific error codes if things are missing.


Added code to chkconn to dump out curl diagnostic info.
Added database upgrade call on database updates, so that the data will be updated after the RPM has been updated.
Added expanded debug logging to curl for use in rest connections.
Added expanded logging to defobjs similar to migrator.
Added ldaplist and ldapimport utilities to the image.
B-116947 - Updated defobjs to return 20 if an MTA LDAP is not enabled.
B-116962 - If version string of IOS client is 18.x.x or greater, use tag and NPNS queue with GWMSGR instead of NVLMSGR.
Bump protocol version from 11.0 to 11.1.
Changed curl diagnostic info to be able to print to the screen.
Enabled debug curl logging for defobjs runlogging.
Set default loglevel to info.
Update the cached attribute NM-NA_BLOCKING when it changes during a privacy update.
Updated chkconn to do a license check and also use the GWCA cert if available.
Updated chkconn to dump out more info if the rest call to GW fails.
Updated migrator to log runtime stats to migrator.log, if global g_migratorrunlog is set to 1.