Messenger 18 SP2 Bug Fix List

Security Fixes:

Updated OpenSSL for Linux and Windows 32bit to 1.0.2o and updated libcurl to be built against OpenSSL 1.0.2o.
Removed SSLv23_client_method and SSLv23_server_method; use TLSv1_2_client_method and TLSv1_2_server_method only.

Bug Fixes:

1083264: Fixed truncated text on the Auto Update GW Messenger Upgrade dialog.
1094199: (D-87438): Moved StartLimitInterval and StartLimitBurst commands from Unit to Service section.
1094199: (D-87335): Added restart and timeout params to gwm-mars@.service.
1094833: Updated LDAP to set global cert path.
1094833: Updated configuration to properly configure clustering.
1094833: (D-88081): Added MarsCertPath parameter to pass in current cert dir for NodeService.
1094833: (D-88081): Add Mars Command line parameter for cert Path to be added in to startup.
1094833: (B-123092): Ported 18.1 NSS changes to 18.0.x.
1094833: (B-123092): Updated prompt for LUM container to use the ndsconfig get value as the default.
1100549: (D-88281): During migrations and imports, also add folders to the update array.
1090900: (D-87294): Converted conference locking to the same model as NM_UserLock uses for users (NMMA Crashing defects).
D-87048: Look for any system or server objects; if they don't match or we're migrating and something exists, then error!
D-87048: If we read in the server name from an existing 18.x startup file, don't prompt for the servername.
B-122332: Use function UsrUpdateContactList instead of writing contact list changes directly to user object.
B-122332: Delete a contact if there is a NULL userid/DN.
B-122332: Added code to gwmcheck to detect duplicates in contact lists and folders for any given user.
B-123670: Added LICENSE_STATE_UNKNOWN as the default and don't callback if unknown.


Updated version to 18.0.2.
Broke cursor reads into query blocks to prevent timeout and query errors.
Treat AD and eDir GUIDs as binaries when read from the server via LDAP.
Added timeouts for queries.
Fixed GUID sync bug and added code to re-enable users if found again.
Don't create a contact record on migrations if the user referenced is not valid.
Updated static java-ibm and javatools packages.
Updated MARS to latest versions of Jetty, Jersey, and Log4j.
Updated arangodb to version 3.2.16.
Added expanded chkconn checking.
Updated curl to 7.60.1.
Fixed handling of empty contact list inheritance.
Updated _ReturnString2Objects to check for missing key.
Added function UsrRemoveDuplicateContactListItems to check for illegal duplicates.