90.5 ‑‑home

Specifies a domain folder where the Monitor Agent can access a domain database (wpdomain.db). From the domain database, the Monitor Agent can determine which agents to monitor, what user names and passwords are necessary to access them, and so on.

Linux Monitor Agent

Windows Monitor Agent


  • ‑‑home /folder
  • /home-[svr\][vol:]\dir
  • /home-\\svr\vol\dir
  • /home-[drive:]\dir
  • /home-\\svr\sharename\dir


  • ‑‑home /gwsystem/provo2
  • /home-\provo2
  • /home-mail:\provo2
  • /home-server2\mail:\provo2
  • /home-\\server2\mail\provo2
  • /home-\provo2
  • /home-m:\provo2
  • /home-\\server2\c\mail\provo

See also ‑‑ipa and ‑‑ipp.