46.1 Gathering Mailbox Statistics

If you have some users who do not like to throw anything away, you might want to monitor the size of their mailboxes and, where appropriate, suggest voluntary cleanup. You can assess email retention by the number of messages, age of messages, or size of user databases.

The Mailbox Statistics option in Mailbox/Library Maintenance collects and displays statistics about the post office, such as the number of messages and appointments in the post office and the average number per user. It is valid only for user databases. In addition, you can display any user mailboxes that have more than a specified number of items. This can help determine which users might be using an excessive amount of file server disk space.

To gather mailbox statistics:

  1. In the GroupWise Administration Console, browse to and click the name of the user, resource, or post office.

  2. For a user or resource, click Maintenance.


    For a post office, click Maintenance > Mailbox/Library Maintenance.

  3. From the Actions drop-down menu, select Mailbox Statistics.

  4. Select Mailbox Statistics.

    Mailbox Statistics: Specify a maximum number of items to see a report showing each user whose mailbox has more items in it than the number you specify.


    Select Expire Statistics.

    Expire Statistics: Select one of the following:

    • Items Older Than: Shows how many items are older than the number of days you specify.

    • Downloaded Items Older Than: Shows how many items have been downloaded to users’ GroupWise Caching or Remote mailboxes that are older than the number of days you specify. This does not include items that have been downloaded to non-GroupWise mailboxes (for example, POP and IMAP accounts).

    • Items Larger Than: Shows how many items are larger than the size you specify.

    • Reduce Mailbox To: Shows how many items need to be expired before the mailbox would be reduced to the size you specify. Older, larger items are expired before newer, smaller items.

    • Reduce Mailbox to Limited Size: Shows how many items need to be expired before the mailbox is the size specified using the Disk Space Management feature. For instructions, see Setting Mailbox Size Limits.

    When items meet your selected expire criteria, they are subject to being removed from the mailbox when you the Expire/Reduce Messages action. For more information, see Reducing the Size of User and Message Databases.

  5. In the Include box, select Received Items, Sent Items, Calendar Items, Only Backed-Up Items, and/or Only Retained Items to specify the types of items to gather statistics for.

    The Only Backed-Up Items option interacts with the Do Not Purge Items Until They Are Backed Up setting under Tools > GroupWise Utilities > Client Options > Environment Options > Cleanup. If items are not allowed to be deleted before they are backed up, then they cannot be deleted during an Expire/Reduce operation. For more information. see Environment Options: Cleanup.

    The Only Retained Items option interacts with third-party messages retention application. For more information, see Retaining User Messages.

  6. Using the tabs at the bottom of the Mailbox/Library Maintenance dialog box, set the following options:

    Selected options can be saved for repeated use. See Saving Mailbox/Library Maintenance Options.

    By default, the mailbox statistics are sent to the domain’s notification user. For more information, see Receiving Notifications of Agent Problems.

  7. If you want to send the statistics to one or more other users, click Results, select Individual Users, specify the email addresses of the users in the CC field, and then click Message if you want to include explanatory text.

  8. Click OK to gather the mailbox statistics and email the results to the specified users.